Tripoto Collections: 14 Best Travel Stories Of 2014

2014 has been a tumultuous and transformative year filled with hope and a lot to look forward to. It’s been quite an adventure; when ideas turned into fresh perspectives, talent found a new platform and unheard stories found ears to comprehend meaning, which once lurked in silence. A journey of bringing people closer and sharing meaningful ideas has completed a new circle and helped us create an even greater bucket-list for our fellow travelers out there.

A big shout out to all the amazing story-tellers and travelers for such massive contribution. Here’s Tripoto’s list of 14 Best Trips of 2014 in no particular order.

1. ”Life in Bhutan” By Elita

”Everywhere around you are locals dressed in their traditional Gho and Kira without a worry written on their faces. Another observation was how people accept anything you give them with both hands and a slight bend forward as if in gratitude to the giver.”
The giant buddha looking over Thimphu, Bhutan

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2. ”Exploring Thailand- 5 Travel Tips” by Sonali 

”The cheapest and best food you will find across Thailand is on the streets. There’s a vast variety of sumptuous eats that can ensure unique meals for an entire week. It’s quite safe and healthy as well, so no worries there.”

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3. ”Kollam: The Less-Known Side Of Kerala” By Munish

”The towns like Kollam are not just the melting pots of different cultures and ethnicities; they have splendid untapped and unseen beauty which seems to be fading under the sheen of much populated tourist destinations. In short, Kerala has a lot to offer than the backwaters and ayurvedic massage.”

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4. ‘‘The Valley Of Shadow- Sandhan Valley” By Deepti Asthana 

”Sandhan valley is a wonder of nature and a gem in the Western Ghats.  The water carved valley is the greatest canyon approx 300 ft deep, near Samrad village. The whole trek was a dream like and you will feel the wilderness to the core as you walk into the Valley of Shadow.”

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5. ”Karnataka On My Palette” By Disha sahu 

”Karnataka on my palette is a weekend bag-packing trip where we covered Shravanbelagola, Belur, Halebidu and Chikmangalur.  What becomes rhetoric of Indian temple architecture is to overwhelm onlookers with too much of visual stimuli.”

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6. ”Travelling On A Budget In Europe £2,500” By Lynette Tan 

”For solo travellers, hostels and couch surfing may be the cheapest way for accommodation wise. For groups that are travelling, AIRBNB is the best place to find an accommodation that will allow you to save so much compared to staying in hotels.”

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7. ”Jannat-e-Kashmir: The Golden Meadow” By Srishti Jugran 

”Blessed with exceptional Himalayan beauty, we then geared up towards Sonmarg- also known as ‘Golden Meadow’. It is home to Thajiwas Glacier that connects Kashmir to Ladakh region and is renowned for high altitude trekking too.”

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8. ”72 Hours Of Walking In Fort Kochi” By Grashima

”Go to Kochi to relax. To see a beautiful settlement rose out of old Dutch and Portuguese houses. For the beautiful streets lined with even more beautiful cafes. For the smell of spices in the small streets. To see the old churches and cemeteries. To pass the days in museums full of Kochi’s history, full of stories of Vasco Da Gama.”

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9. ”Drive Across Madhya Pradesh” By Ram Kumar  

”Road trip to Heart Land of India – Land of the Royal Bengal Tiger, monuments, temples, holy Narmada, masjids, stupa, vindhya/satpura ranges & representing the land of Kamasutra, iconic Khajuraho temples. We covered 15 places, 3 world heritage sites, and 6 national parks. The sheer diversity of MP is awe-inspiring.”

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10. ”8 Tips For Solo Women Travelers In India” By Andrea Aguilar-Calderón

”Thousands of women have traveled alone in India and thousands will continue doing it. Chances are that if you go to India, you will survive. As I survived as well.  So just go to India and lose the fear of, simply, being a woman!”

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11. ”Jispa- We’ve Just Come Half The Way” By Apoorv Ahlawat 

”There’s long way between Manali to Leh, Jispa falls right in between that beautiful route. 22 Kms from Keylong and right beside the Bhaga river that originates from the Baralachala Pass, Jispa has a significant religious presence on the Himachali map.”

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12. ”Chasing History, Trains And The Rains” By Deeptangan Pant 

”For more than a hundred years trains have chugged along the Murmagao railway line and apart from being a valuable avenue of transportation it is endowed with immense natural beauty. A trek from Castle Rock in Karnataka to Kulem in Goa, along the railway track, is a trekker’s delight and a truly memorable adventure.”

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13. ”Guate-Holla! Part 1” By Paula Froelich 

”The Central American country, bordering southern Mexico, is still a spot where $100 can get budget-minded travelers their own bungalow and all meals for a day, with money left over for a turtle race (yes, a turtle race – and no, while some were molested, none had their throats slit).”

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14. ”Superb Singapore” By Yuvika 

”A family vacation over Christmas and New Year’s eve to Singapore is a perfect way to explore this beautiful city-country and escape from the biting North Indian winters!”

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Wishing y’all Tripoto wanderers abundant happy trips and hope to see you soon in the New Year. Keep them stories coming and share to get featured on our Homepage.