14 Stunning Hotels That You Haven’t Heard Of

Getting away is at times as much about new places as it is about getting some good old rest and relaxation. The beauty of a destination can often be amplified by a comfortable stay, and sometimes the stay can itself be a destination of beauty. Boutique hotels are cropping up in amazing locales in and around India, and these charming alcoves of hospitality are as much worth a visit as the places where they are located.

Tripoto has put together a small list of stunning hotels in India that appealed to us the most!

1. Patan Mahal -Jaipur, Rajasthan

Patan Mahal lies just off the Delhi-Jaipur highway. It is a 700 year old palace nestled in the foothills of the Aravali, and now a heritage hotel. Crowned by another fort – the Badalgarh Mahal, which is located on the top of the hill, Patan Mahal, as a hotel and a place are booth seeped in pre-Mughal history.

2. Forsyth Lodge – Satpura, Madhya Pradesh 

Situated in forests of the Satpura National Park, the lodge is made of 12 cottages, all charmingly furnished. The cottages and the lodge create an environment completely suited to enjoying the idyllic forests its located in, with each cottage having its own sit-out and a central machan for viewing the vast expanse of the Satpura forest.

3. The Himalayan – Manali, Himachal Pradesh 

A castle and cottages built in what they call a Victorian Gothic Revival style, this boutique hotel is surrounded by apple and cherry orchards, and not to mention, the Himalayas. Perfect for indulging your indolent side. Lovely walks in the chilly mountains followed by the warm elegance of this hotel make for a beautiful vacation.

4. Orange County – Coorg, Karnataka 

As if Coorg’s verdant beauty wasn’t enough to get you here, Orange County gives you another reason. Situated bang in the middle of a coffee plantation, spread across 300 acres of plush greenery; the Kodova architecture of the independent villas echoes the plantation luxury of the past. With private pools, spas and unforgettable experiences, be it food or otherwise, they offer quite a different Coorg experience. This hotel tops the list of the most stunning hotels in India.

5. Treehouse Hideaway – Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh 

Bandhavgarh is one of the best places to spot Tigers, with the highest density of Tigers in India, so it makes perfect sense to live in a Treehouse. Not to mention that is also very, very cool. Perched up in the trees, the feel of the solid wood, large windows that allow you to gaze into the forest – quite an incomparable feeling.

6. Old Harbour Hotel – Fort Cochin, Kerala 

Kerala is undoubtedly beautiful, a natural paradise, but it also has its own history. The Old Harbour Hotel in Fort Cochin is a remnant of a colonial past, its Dutch-Portugese heritage prominent in its architecture and reworked into an understated elegance in its interiors. A charming and cozy stay for your time in Fort Cochin.

7. Tiger Mountain Lodge – Pokhara, Nepal 

A lodge located up on a lofty ridge overlooking the Pokhara Valley in Nepal, with forests and small villages situated around it. A cluster of comfortable cottages, all of which have been built in the style of the villages themselves, provide a secluded and lovely stay. Rustic and luxurious.

8. Helga’s Folly – Kandy, Sri Lanka 

Right beside the Kingdom of Kandy, situated amidst thick green foliage, with Mountains and a Lake peering through in between lies the most quaint, eccentric and decidedly marvelous place ever. Teapots, paintings, hastily scribbled yet remarkable verse on the walls and a gramophone that doesn’t quit, I assure you, if you’re in this part of the world, it would be a folly not to go!

9. Amanbagh – Alwar, Rajasthan 

The name translates into “garden of peace”, and never was there a name more apt. A haveli in a walled compound, which used to function as the hunting grounds for the erstwhile Maharajas of Alwar. This beautiful structure with its domed roof, cupolas, columns and lovely jaali fretwork situated in the verdure of eucalyptus, palm and fruit trees, is an amazingly luxurious getaway. Perfect for a long, languorous break to get away from it all.Amanbagh


10. Sukoon – Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Kashmir’s beauty can leave you gasping for air, yet amidst such splendor, exists one tiny, wondrous place to stay. Of all things, a houseboat on the Dal Lake would be the most idle place to take in Kashmir’s beauty, with the looming snowcapped peaks -far away yet so near and the lotuses floating at arm’s length on the Dal.

11. Wild Canopy Reserve – Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu 

Another treehouse, another wildlife sanctuary. This time its the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in Masinagudi, and boy oh boy is it good. You can’t ever have enough of treehouses. And with this one placed over coffee plantations and their aroma all around, and Nilgiri Hills in the distance, the ghats never looked and felt so much prettier.

12. Shakti Leti – Bageshwar, Kumaon 

In the Bageshwar district of Kumaon lies the perfectly sculpted hideaway anyone could ask for. Stone, wood and glass – three components of this structure are easily visible. With plush rooms, with full pane windows that make sure that the first and the last thing you see every day will be the mountains.

13. Te Aroha – Dhanachuli, Uttarakhand 

An old colonial summerhouse exists as it is, refashioned with a few modern comforts, but with all its old charm intact and just a little something else. Located in Dhanachuli, just a little way ahead of Mukteshwar, this high ceilinged, colonial furnished summerhouse has lavish views off of its decks and just as a kick, it also has small eating place that has been decked out in a pastiche style with posters from good old Indian movies, TV and ads.

14. Chhatrasagar – Pali Marwar, Rajasthan 

A tradition of the Rajputs of Marwar, to setup camp on the Chattrasagar dam, revived by the great grandchildren of Thakur Chattra Singh. This camp is open only from October for 6 months, and it’s fantastic. Enough said, see the photos!

Can’t wait to get going to these stunning hotels in India, can you?

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  4. Missed Machaan. .Maharashtra…..great property ..cottages on high stilts surrounded with dense green forests and every comfort within the cottage ..With a 40 feet glass wall to savour the beauty if you wanna stay indoors

  5. It was all just beautiful. Sitting here inthe busy hub of Mumbai, people are not aware that you have such excellent hotels giving you beautiful scenic sights.

  6. I stayed in Sukoon Houseboat last week. It’s a nice place and deserves praise, but the photo is misleading. From the pic it appears to be in a solitary and peaceful place on its own, while actually it is surrounded by other houseboats on both sides

  7. No, I don’t think Wild Canopy Reserve – Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu has more beautiful and comfortable tree house stay than NATURE ZONE – MUNNAR. I have experienced both.

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  9. India has so many tourist destinations and each of them shelters so many hotels that it is literally impossible to keep track all of them. The list contains very nice hotels and I particularly liked the TreeHouse Hideaway and Amanbagh hotels. Thanks for sharing. :-)

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