17 Colourful Cities around the world That Will Blow Your Mind

There is something more to colour than mere aesthetic beauty. It is the cheer, the liveliness, the way it grabs your attention and the way it impacts your senses. Tripoto brings to you a palette of colourful cities to paint your journey around the world.

Move away from the boring concrete jungles into these fantasy colour lands. Painted for the purpose of tradition, history or just simple aesthetic beauty, these cities spring right out of an artist’s imagination. These stunning centres of culture, architecture and art will make the most beautiful of the rainbows, shy.   Step up from monochrome to HD colour.

 1) Colourful Canals of Copenhagen, Denmark


One of the most happening and most livable cities in the world is also one of the most colourful. Denmark’s capital city oozes colour and is an immediate charmer. The stream of brightly painted houses that run along its historic canals, centring around its squares and markets will light up your journey.  Drift along the Nyhavn into the land of colours.

2) Clustered Shades In Alesund, Norway

alesund, norway(Via)

Yes, this is not a traditional “big city”, but this small sea port can contain as much colour as any large sized city. Alesund is made up of a cluster of Art Nouveau houses dipped in shades of pink, yellow, red, orange etc. sitting cozily on the coast of a crystal blue sea. Its packed city centre feels like a vortex splashing colours to the outer areas.

3) Hues On The Streets Of Havana, Cuba

havana, Cuba(Via)

A colourful city of art, culture, dance, sports, history and politics, Havana sure has more than one shade to it. The city’s uncontrollable energy is reflected on its streets with powerful graffiti on each wall.  Apart from the influential images of Che Guevara that have become a recognizable symbol of the city, the streets here display a strong mix of its history with its contemporary energy.  Havana is colourful in both body and spirit.

4) Blue City Of Jodhpur, India

Jodhpur, India, 1996(Via)

Jodhpur’s sunny and warm weather is contrasted by the painted cool blue houses in and around the Mehergarh fort. What began as a tradition with the royalty and upper class Brahmins painting their houses to distinguish themselves from the other castes, soon spread to the rest of the locals leading to a complete transformation of the city. Today, Jodhpur stands as a splash of bright blue in the barrenness of the Thar Desert and is considered one of the most colourful city of India.

 5) Northern Palette of Reykjavik, Iceland


Reykjavik is like a rainbow in the scenic skies of Iceland. The Northernmost capital adds vibrancy to the long days of summer and is illuminated by the Northern lights of winter. The city lies on the coast with colourful buildings jutting out against the blue sea. A bird’s eye view of the city looks very much like a chaotic palette of an artist.

 6) Painted Favelas of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio De Jenerio- Brazil(Via)

The shanties of Rio that are usually associated with violence, drugs and poverty have now become a masterpiece of public artwork. An idea by two Dutch Gentlemen, Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn took shape into a project that completely transformed Rio into a colourful city. With some help from the locals, these gloomy Favelas were transformed into cheerful and vibrant spaces that have now become tourist attractions. Rio’s Favelas capture the landscape and turn it into a canvas blotched with colours that can neither be replicated nor ignored. Enter Santa Marta and you will forget all those horror stories they tell you about the ghettos of Brazil.

7) Painted Canvas of Longyearbyen, Norway


If you have ever imagined random colours splashed on a large white canvas, you pretty much have an idea of what this city looks like. With some of the harshest winters, Longyearbyen compensates for its monochrome landscape by a row of painted houses. The city spills colour into the white landscape of the Arctic Tundra.

8) Caribbean Vibrancy of Willemstad, Curacao

Willemstad, Curacao(Via)

It is almost impossible to find an unpainted or whitewashed house in Willemstad. Bordering St. Ann’s Bay, the city is a pastel treat thanks to a mayor who got some serious headaches looking at all the white houses. This Caribbean island with colourful building blocks looks just like Legoland.

9) Asian vivacity of Pattaya, Thailand

pattaya- Thailand(Via)

Vivid and rich Asian colours paint the city of Pattaya adding a vivacious twist to the culture and landscape of South East Asia. Pattaya’s brightly coloured houses and resorts reflect the liveliness of the city. Sandy beaches and blue waters matched with dramatic Asian colours make for a picture perfect sight. Pattay is indeed a colourful city.

10) The Blushing City of Jaipur, India


The royal and historic capital of Rajasthan welcomes you with its warm pink tones. Considered to be a welcoming colour, the city was painted pink in 1876 to greet Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales. Since then, painting your house pink has become a matter of tradition and pride here. The enchanting colourful city reflects the brimming romance that captures all those who enter this city.

11) Seasonal Tones of Arashiyama, Kyoto


Have you ever been to a city that changes colour? The Chameleon city of Arashiyama gives the traveller different shades to nurture every season. In spring you will encounter a pink city with cherry blossoms and in autumn you will confront a mix of orange and red in the tall maple trees. Right out of an oil painting, the rich green Bamboo fields are an added bonus.

12) Ancient Textures of St. John’s, Canada


A fisherman colony with a rich history, St. John’s is very different from the rest of Canada. Its distinct architecture stems from its heritage as the first British colonial capital. Some buildings still date back to the 16th century and the colouful city stands as a bright and cheerful delight adorned with colours from the past.

13) Artistic Connection of Guanajuato City, Mexico

Guanajuato City, Mexico(Via)

A UNESCO World Heritage Site made up of colonial buildings, gold mines and vibrant market squares, Guanajuato is nothing less than a movie set. The amount of colour you will see on any given street in this city will make you question if it exists for real. Host to an International arts festival, it is not only about its colourful buildings. You will find a deeper artistic connect in this city.

 14) Quirky Vibes of Wroclaw, Poland


Chirpy and edgy, Wroclaw has quite the character. A large number of nightclubs, restaurant, cafes etc. are scattered across the city which always keeps it buzzing with energy. Quite a youthful place, it is no wonder that the physical appearance of the city matches its quirky and bright spirit. The city has seen a steep rise in tourism and hosts a number of festivals and events. The shades will only grow darker.

15) Urban Glitter of Hong Kong, China

hong kong-china(Via)

During the day, it might just looks like an ordinary urban city full of glass and concrete structures. But at night, Hong Kong lights up like a Christmas tree. The glittering lights reflected by the tall towers, the horde of neon signs that greet you at every corner of every road and an array of pubs, casinos and resorts add glitter and glamour that will leave you overwhelmed.

 16) Cool Blues of Chefchaouen, Morocco

chefchauen- Morocco(Via)

A mix of white and blue, in Chefchaouen it feels like a piece of sky fell down on earth. The city was painted by the Jewish refugees who consider blue to be a symbol of God’s power. Rich history and culture combine with the cool shades of this town to make for an oasis in the middle of the arid desert.

17) Tribal Wash of Aswan, Egypt


The Nubian villages of Aswan still hold a strong feel of the ancient Egyptian culture. Nubians were one of the oldest settlers along the Nile and once formed the greatest civilization in Egypt. Strolling through their narrow alleys you will witness an array of tribal colours and designs. An ancient vibrancy engulfs the place and the rich culture adds a few more tones.

Did you get the colour rush yet? Have you been to any one of these colourful cities around the world?  


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