17 Reasons Why a Job Can Wait But Travel Can’t


1. Because you are thinking about it.

2. Because you should take advantage of not knowing what to do next.

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3. Because you should let the world take you by the collar and shove you into the unfamiliar. Your parents have been doing it all your life. You’ll get used to it.

4. Because you can be an engineer, doctor, academician, consultant, 365 days later too.


5. Because you’ll see life in its truest, barest form. And, it’ll educate you. Not the way books do. In a more subliminal manner.

6. Because you might ‘find yourself’ while waiting at a bus stop for a day and getting nothing. Or, you might not. But you’ll learn something else. Something essential. Patience.


7. Because you might end up actually knowing what you might want to do with your life.

8. Because you have stayed in the same place, slept in the same bed, woken up to the same people for far too long. Change that. Move.


9. Because you’ll get pissed drunk and disillusioned and wake up in an empty swimming pool after the Full Moon Party. But, that’s okay.

10. Because you’ll see love for more than what you thought it was. You’ll see love in its most giving, caring form.


11. Because you’ll grow as a person and an entity. You’ll start comprehending the world, and your importance in it.

12. Because you’ll come back with stories.

Anchorage Fur Rendezvous

13. Because your heart actually wants you to. Take the plunge. You’ll survive it. And, when you resurface, things would’ve changed. For the better.

14. Because white collars and corner offices can wait.


15. Because you can survive another year without much money. You survived high school.

16. Because there will never be a better time. You are young. You are eager. And life’s diktat hasn’t been able to bog you down. Yet.


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38 thoughts on “17 Reasons Why a Job Can Wait But Travel Can’t

  1. A good read. Everyone loves the idea of globetrotting, but how would you suggest to travel for a whole year when there’re financial constraints?

    1. Simple. You work as you go to each place. Find an everyday wage job. A waiter, a cleaner, laborer at a construction site. Make enough that would last you a week. Then proceed to your next stop. Repeat. It is simple – but just as everything else in life is, it is also hard.

    2. Or you can do what I did & get a job on a cruise ship so you’re actually paid to travel on someone else’s dime. In the last month & a half I’ve been to 9 countries, and multiple cities in each. It’s an amazing way to see the world.

  2. Because I am crying while reading this. Remembering my travel memories. Also thinking that I should force my TRUE FRIENDS a little more to take our long lost Travel Plans forward.
    Thanks TRIPOTO

  3. Ah yeah, my apologies for being so dull and straight-laced, but for those of us who don’t have loaded parents and/or endless funds, there’s no choice but to knuckle down and get a job. I’d like to think that not being an overprivileged shit has actually made me a better person in the long run…

    1. I’m not an overprivileged shit either, but just work a random job hard for two months while living cheaply and you can afford to start if you want to. A lot of barriers are homemade and if you’re smart about it you can get round it, you can always work abroad. And if you don’t want to travel that’s fine too but a pretty harsh judgement you are making there.

      1. It IS over privileged. No one born in a ‘third world’ country can save up enough via ‘random temp jobs’ to travel like this, an engineer in india makes the same as a walmart clerk in the US. Hardly anyone from such countries gets a visa to travel (because of the tough constraints to prove that a) ur not a terrorist b) u are rich enough to not want to emigrate), let alone for work!

    2. U r totally wrong. I’m getting 75 euro from my parents every month and that’s it. I am traveling since 5 years ( studing, working all over the world ) visited more than 50 countries. Totally happy ! U can do it just try ;) happy traveling !

    3. I understand where you’re coming from, but I think that’s a bit harsh to say anyone who travels is privileged or otherwise. Some are, but there are many who don’t have money (I have MANY traveling friends who have very little money), they just make different life choices so that they can live the life they want. For example, I’ve worked my ass off since I was 16 at crappy, menial jobs, saving money so that I can live abroad (and I’ve lived in Europe for two years now). Is it easy? Heck no! I’ve lived on an incredibly low budget, and sometimes I don’t know how the heck I do it, but it’s a choice I made; a wonderful choice that has helped me grow. When I run out of money or can’t find a job/internship abroad, I move back and get another job to save up again. And ya know what? My “loaded” parents (who couldn’t help me even if they wanted to) didn’t pay for it, I did! But I guess I’m just an “overprivileged shit,” aren’t I? I have a feeling we’ve learned a few different life lessons in our years.

  4. man… i travel often and to places i have never been to and this experience is just different – its causes fatigue but energize you for long!!
    Keep travelling , keep living!!

  5. Yep! Would love to- have thought about it a hundred times. Then I remind myself of my Indian passport, and the fact that to visit most of the places I’d like to, half my gap year and most of my money would be spent on visa applications!

    1. Why does travelling abroad alone is considered travelling, a country as big as India offers you a great variety in its own. If you really have the zeal of exploring places you will find a way.

      Get off your bum, pack your bag and start walking. Get on a cycle and keep cycling and if you are able to afford money for fuel then get on your bike and start riding.

      There are more than a million ways if you really want to travel and explore.

      Keep travelling and keep exploring.

      1. there are people who read this kind of stuff and get wistful instead of trying to figure out a way to do it.
        love your response.
        it’s the only useful reply to the post. everyone else is meaninglessly venting at the expense of the blogger.
        bye. :)

  6. I’m packing my bags. I really have stayed in the same place, slept in the same bed, woken up to the same people for far too long. And I’ve been thinking about it for as long. I guess travelling on an almost dried up budget is still better than staying put.

  7. I actually want to travel and see around world .
    And may be in this summer if all things fall into right places I would be heading to France .
    Any valuable advice from the experienced travelers about travel in cheapest way in France and have unlimited fun

  8. I want to just take off ,done with too much of thinking and expenditure worries.
    I echo all that you said Ankitha!:-)

  9. Funny that I’m reading this, I’m actually leaving for a solo trip in a few days, before I bow down to authority(read: University) Thanks TRIPOTO!

  10. I am from 3rd world country and quited my job with average pay of $2.3k and travelled 4 countries within that period and 5-6 more by the end of this year and best of all…living it! With proper planning anyone can do it too

  11. Yes, lets all please take a gap year. Because a job can wait. Not like you need money to travel right? all you need is your passion as jet fuel for the plane and your dreams as payments for food

  12. i am doing this…starting next week…ive taken time off from working to actually pause & reflect upon and give time to things and people that matter for me in life… will see in a couple of months time regarding the work front, a job will come by at some point or the other-this time, will definitely not! ive been itching to travel and i am travelling…and not overseas but im journeying in India for a month and maybe some more…budget, think, connect with people and just get up and get moving if you really yearn for this..that’s the only way forward to do this!

  13. Or…. Get a good job with vacation days, work hard, build yourself a foundation for a successful future, and once a year travel to wherever you want with enough money. I DID NOT take time off for traveling, and because I was smart, I can now afford to. And also, some jobs WONT wait. Employers dont like to see year gaps in your résumé, specially for professional jobs like doctors or engineers. In a already ridiculously competitive job market, you may be shooting yourself in the foot. To clarify; this list is bullshit.

    1. I agree. During my university studies I was one of those who studied and worked hard, I always thought traveling and skipping semesters for low budget traveling is vaste of time. Looking back I was right. I got a great job with a salary more than double of the average, and I can travel wherever I want to good hotels and by convenient airways. Those who “gathered experience” and traveled cluelessly all over the world during their studies are way behind me in career building.
      I suggest to skip that YOLO bullshit and start some serious work first.

  14. yea, it is a great experience but after that you have to start working, and it hurts even more in contrast to someone without such a experience:(

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