17 Signs You’re Becoming A Traveler & You Love It

Happiness lies in the space of novelty. As it lingers on the inception of a newly formed idea that can never go back to its older dimensions. Similarly, traveling in a wanderer’s life is the fulcrum of happiness. Those who vociferously learn to break the lexicon barriers and challenge the transience of life, which is the ultimate existential downer of all time, lives with a mammoth attempt to live a new life every day.

Tripoto has jotted down a list of signs that prove you’re becoming a traveler and why it is the most awesome and fresh thing that has happened to you.
1. You’re an expert packer.


2. You can see every place and its culture molding you into a better person and you love being the wise one in the group.
3. You are constantly thinking about your next destination.


4. You desperately want a world map on your wall, not just because it looks awesome, but also because it’s your bucket-list.


5. You have every cool travel app in your phone to keep you travel updated.

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6. You hate being on a stand-by mode because you loathe the idea of staying in one place for too long. This is just the beginning of a nomadic life and you are already loving it.
7. Your idea of making friends is via youth hostels and backpackers’ hostel. Talk about like-mindedness.


8. You find the idea of solo traveling insanely inspiring.


9. You envy other people checking every place off of their bucket list.
10. You desperately wish for a job where you get paid to travel the world.


11. More than anything else, you cherish the joy of walking on a pristine beach all by yourself.


12. You know what’s out there and what the world has to offer. You feel prepared and learn to settle for less.
13. You actually know how many types of travelers are there and most of them are your friends.
14. You love travel cafes.


15. Traveling for you means collecting stories that not only makes you a damn good conversation starter, but also because you want to pass them on to your little traveler someday.
16. You really wish to meet the love of your life on the road.


17. You know that photos cannot do justice to the extraordinary beauty of places. It is the curiosity that triggers your desire to travel the world.
If you’re a travel addict and have something to add to the list, then drop us your comments below. Share your inspiring travel stories on Tripoto and get a chance to feature on our Homepage.

24 thoughts on “17 Signs You’re Becoming A Traveler & You Love It

  1. Very true!!
    More than 10 points in this list shows I’m becoming a true traveller :)
    I feel travelling and meeting people from different region and culture is the best way to learn new things.

    Thanks Tripoto for such an inspiring post :):)

  2. I must say each and point is like a sentence stolen from my head.Though its already established i live for traveling.

  3. Not a single word is irrelevant..!!! Perfectly said… In fact my heart was pounding fast when I was reading this.. I am so surprised n startled to read this n was wondering like how can somebody write so perfectly n precisely what I feel all the time..

  4. I feel a point to add is – You stop being a tourist who has 5 listed famous places to see. You start loving to go to unexplored places or even discover them.

    Curiosity to see takes over the fear of the unknown.

  5. And you don’t look out for your native food while travelling, you in fact want authentic local food joints, where you can sit with the locals and eat.

  6. Exactly my thoughts! 12 points out of 17 points are so so so so true for me. :D :D Travel is a way of life now and I am loving it. :) :)

  7. All of them are true. Adding a few more that I feel applies to me and I know a lot more people will identity with those:
    18: you become fearless as a traveller
    19: you don’t need a guide to help u travel around a place
    20: Ur constantly low on money ;)
    21: u use public transport more in every city (wrt india and interiors)
    22: u live out of ur suitcase bcoz it’s too tiring to unpack n shelve things
    23:u can walk endlessly on a new unexplored road
    24:u learn to laugh at urself. ur not embarrassed when others laugh at you. I laugh at myself with others and I can afford to be stupid sometimes.
    25: u don’t judge people around you or feel the need to do so with
    the people u meet.
    26: u become humble, patient, and immensely tolerant.
    27: everyday is a new story and u want to document something from everyday. U feel the urge to write and write more…
    28: travelling instigated the poet in U.

    will put up more soon…

  8. and you love to taste famous dishes of every country
    and you wanna make friends from every place you travel

  9. All the points except the point 2 describes me. It’s really an inspiring list. The point 10 is something which I badly want like right now. :-) :-P

  10. You become adept at figuring out cheaper ways of travel by hopping through multiple destinations

    Yoy are able to estimate time perfectly from home/hotel, through checkins….and all other travel formalities

    Your bags always have small pouches of food as a backup for being stuck at a remote location

    You specificially hunt for places which shows the ethnicity of the location rather than touristy placea

  11. 29. You become a minimalist, as you learn to live and enjoy on whatever is available.
    30. You travel not for the destination, but just for the sake of it.
    31. Your friends consider you in for any plans they make. You are always up for it!
    32. Each time you calculate the last time you traveled, you feel suffocated and frustrated.
    Rest will soon follow..

  12. Its so true that we are changed by continuous travel.There are the obvious changes, but sometimes the deeper ones dont emerge for years. And of course it can become a highly addictive life experience

  13. I just wanna keep travelling…. Even though i dont keep travelling all the time. My mind always does that.. I remember myself as a child when i used to think only about taking the longest route bus that runs through our town . Travel has been there in me since i was a kid….Basically if one gets excited seeing a the name of a new place on any bus or train, that means you are a traveller..

  14. I believe traveling gives inner strength to build myself strong and helps us understand our reason of presence in this world. Now traveling is in my nerves, I wish, I would travel till my death.

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