20 Awesome Reasons Why Delhi Has Spoilt You Forever

Once a bubbling battleground, Delhi is an aftermath of this mother country’s phenomenally challenging and insatiable push to break and form people as they are today. It’s a concrete jungle reverberating with vernacular and cultural hybrids. As a beautiful conflation of traditions and ethos wrought by various nationalities, it promises to grow on you.

Delhi makes you resilient and challenges your chutzpah at every daring step that one takes in this city. Tripoto has curated a list of 20 reasons why living in Delhi will ruin you (trust us, for good).
1. Because you live in a city that runs simultaneously on two different worlds; the contemporary style of the modern era blended with the grandeur of the medieval.

DLF-Promenade-pledges-to-Go-Greenvia (Agrasen ki Baoli and Dlf Promenade)

2. Because being a grand part of the Golden triangle leads to awesome weekend getaways and road trips.

A trip to the pink city or to one of the untainted wonders of the world this weekend, anyone? 

3. Because Murthul is just 1.5 hours away, serving the some pocket-friendly and finger-licking food.


4. Because you live in a city made famous by the movies.


5. Because one simply doesn’t get up for a morning walk unless it’s at the Lodhi Garden.


6. Because ‘development models’ don’t always seal the deal. But you will always have Chandni Chowk, Asia’s largest wholesale market to help you through the difficult times.

Take a bonus visit to the sandstone marvel; Red fort, Jama Masjid and Sis Ganj Gurudwara. 

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7. Because traveling around Delhi is easy due to availability of the variety of modes of public transport.


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8. Because the street food in Delhi symbolises the curated culture of India.


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9. Because it is the only city in India to have Road signs in four languages. English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.


10. Because The Big Chill has made you a cheesecake fanatic.
11. Because you have friends from every cultural background. From Haryaanvis to Manipuris and Kashmiris.
12.Because the largest Hindu Temple in the world is here.

5793509663_a28db933d4_bvia (Akshardham Temple) 

13. Because a Road trip from Delhi to Manali to Leh is simply the right way to do it. Any other route is just plain wrong!


14. Because Delhi University! The rivalry, loyalty and unity  are just the fundamentals. Take a name that lives with you forever.
15. Because swear words! You take just too much pride in it.
16. Because the cluttered alleys soon became a fashion hideaway and the best place to splurge on authentic delicacies.

At Hauz Khas village. 13/05/2011. Photo: Divya Babu/Mintvia (Hauz Khas Village) 

17. Because ain’t no party like a Delhi party! A plethora of artists perform every year and set a niche for their diverse genres.


18. Because you can run to Nehru Place, Asia’s largest IT hub, for all your computer issues and any other place just doesn’t cut it.
19. Because Terminal 3! Boarding a flight from any other Airport is just dull.


20. Because even if we aren’t participating, the social and political rallies that happen every year unite the best of us, compelling us to raise our convictions and question the society.


Feels like home now, doesn’t it? If you think we have missed out on anything, then drop us your comments below and keep on sharing your travel stories on Tripoto.

24 thoughts on “20 Awesome Reasons Why Delhi Has Spoilt You Forever

    1. They actually managed to cover all that in a subtle, indirect way. Maybe you should re-read for a better understanding.

  1. Some miss outs:

    1. Traffic jams in Delhi give a patience to face any traffic jam in the world :p

    2. You find one friend from anywhere in the country you belong to working in Delhi, also you will find a delhiite everywhere you go.

    3. Slangs of BC and MC are our opening words and full stops to both friendly and non-friendly talks.

  2. this is a myth… Road trips from delhi usually entails bad roads and lots of traffic which means it takes as long to travel to london by air as it does to travel to jaipur. Chandni chowk comparion, really… Get real.

  3. Being the capital of the country Delhi is the most “jhaatu” place to live in. Lets not be so unrealistically emphatic, the place and people both need to live up to the expectations that people around the world have from Delhi……

  4. The city is made for love
    It is made for friendship
    Slangs are very common
    Cp late nite parantha place
    Night life

  5. What about the pollution in Delhi?? :P

    It is at its peak.. If you are a biker, and you are travelling at a peak hour in winters of Delhi, you will know what I am talking about..

    Your nose can’t just bear it…

    And regarding the road-trips.. Chandigarh is a better place for them.. Chandigarh to Manali to Leh is ideal..

  6. Having a beer at a rooftop cafe in cp overlooking the gigantic Indian flag fluttering in the wind,in the evening.One of the best sites you can get in Delhi.

  7. You forgot! Jama masjid, the epic of being epic! From achaari Biryani to khameeri roti’s!
    The famous after getting hammered to the core har thulle ko ‘tu jaanta nahin hai main kaun hoon’
    It is round, and in real has outer ring road and inner ring road!
    Manesar MC Donalds- i know lame but we have done that!
    Lol! The north campus being the biggest i have seen so far!
    Loved your article though! Totally!

  8. Coz most of the delhite women are working; they r professional, homely, competitive n unbeatable n most importantly good-looking!

    1. No. Akshardham the largest hindu temple in the world. Angkor Vat in Combodia used to be the largest before akshardham was built. But now akshardham is the largest and angkor vat is second largest.!

  9. Delhi has got life. we welcome and greet people from different backgrounds. Delhi is Free! No boundations! limitless! soo much todo.. soo much fun. I miss it all! love begins with Delhi

  10. delhities are simple rocking .. ppl of delhi are die hard good from core of their heart..
    they are natural , foodie and love travelling .. They give life to the city in a rocking way ..!!

  11. Heyi u forgot about ITO traffic jam, parantha wali gali, revolving restro at KG marg, Famous kachori , meena bazar..

  12. you forgot about golgappe with meethi and hari chatni.
    you forgot about batla house famouse chicken tikka which seems to be so tempting..

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