5 inspirational people who quit job to live a life of travel

At Tripoto we get a lot of emails from people who want to quit their jobs and travel. Its a big decision and the choice is completely personal.In this blog post we present to you some truly inspirational travelers from the Tripoto community who quit job to live a life of Travel.

Lionel & Emma

Tripoto quit job and travel

“We quit our awesome jobs in Feb 2013, (a Video Producer in the advertising industry, and a VFX post-production artist in Melbourne) and decided to sell or store or give away everything we own in order to travel around, just bumming, but seeing/learning about the world and gaining some all-important ~life experience~. WHY? It sounds a bit silly, but we both felt we were a bit too comfortable with our lives. We had great jobs, lived in a nice area, had close friends and family around us, but still felt something was missing. After a trip to Switzerland to visit Lionel’s parents Christmas 2011 (our first overseas trip together), we came back to Melbourne, and thought ‘damn, we would love to travel together again’ and that set the little idea off. ”

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Nancy & Joseph Gill

Tripoto Joseph and Nancy Gill

What causes a person to leave the comforts and security of home, catapulting them out to the far corners of this vast globe??Having sold everything July 2003, our new home is wherever we lay our heads. And what an amazing home it is!! Our goal is to simply explore our planet and share this incredible world with as many people as possible.”

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Dave Barger

Dave Barger Tripoto

“Unfulfilled by consumer lifestyles, I left on a really slow trip around the world. Still living the work/save/travel cycle, I’m unceremoniously using my anthropology degree to teach English throughout Asia. The highs and lows of expat living gave me a taste for the New American Dream, and a disgust for the mind-numbing, soul-sucking experience of career jobbing. When I realized the habit of selling my time would only crush my dreams, I decided to break the cycle, bust out the creative edge, and find a work to call my own”

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Mayank Shrivastava

Mayank Hitchiking in China

“It happened in a deceivingly small corner of a menacingly large city. A looming realization that the designs I have imagined for my life rest on blurred lines and intoxicated dreams. Disappointment. Heartbreak. On a cold, concrete bench under a tree wrinkled with the cruel Shanghai weather. The oblique sunlight flirts with the grass. Giving it hopes of warmth. Giving me hopes of clarity.”

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“I quit my job, rented out my place, packed 20 Kg of my life and moved to Australia. Some people call me a nomad! Travelling slow and spending weeks or months in each country, I have managed to backpack in 37 countries absorbing the culture, experiences and adventures within each nation. Originally from Portugal my goal was first to share this with my family and friends. But more than gaining a stamp in my passport, I truly believe in travelling through each region of the countries and spending time with the local people to understand the way they live, speak and see the world.”

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26 thoughts on “5 inspirational people who quit job to live a life of travel

  1. I am desperate to just shed all the duties and responsibilities on my shoulders and travel, only travel.
    But seems like distant dream! I wish I could!

    1. you dont have to wish or wait for something to happen in the future, its doing or not doing, and it has always been like this.

  2. I have the same desire to travel through city strrets country side eat local food and meet the people understand there world just apprehensive of leaving my income source to pursue my passion!!!!! I so so want to go out and be like a free person

  3. I quit my job after marriage as my husband has a travelling job . He is in Merchant Navy. I had always wanted to go around the globe to experience people , culture and nature .
    Believe me, this fantastic world has brought so many changes in me . Now I love travelling with my husband from one corner of Earth to another and there is no where else I would rather be!!

  4. we all wish the same guys . wat is more fascinating is to know how do u guys fund your year around trips ? ? ?

  5. Why do you all say ‘I wish…’ If you want to do something, do it. Don’t give me stuff like ‘but I need to wait till..’ or ‘I don’t have this or that’.
    There is never a perfect moment to do anything in life, just do it because if you don’t, you will always be talking yourself out of it.

  6. But how do they afford it how does the money come from and wat after that ? .. I would also like to be a wanderer .. I already do travel a lot across India. Please suggest .. :)

  7. i travelled over 30 countries myself, i thought i would see something else here, some amazing story or smtg .. anyways is not so hard to make it, just need some determination and to know what u really want

  8. Hi,

    I too love to travel the world bag packing. Who wouldn’t? The word that stops me and I guess majority of people is , “but _ _ “.

    Working for a profit making giant company, which makes and sells soaps and tooth paste, is to sell my time. Time = Life. I give part of my life. What do I get in return?

    Good going guys. Just holler around and I will join you.
    Ashok Koparday

  9. Hi all,

    The answer to how you afford travelling is by accepting that travelling makes you a richer person than a high paying job.

    Be willing to make sacrifices, sacrifice in other areas to save for your journeys. Be willing to give up your home comforts, it’s not about going out for dinner every n

  10. I am going to do something like this, i am really glad to see people with same thoughts i was wondering when i wanted to quit jobs and start traveling if I am being lazy to work or am i trying to run away from responsibilities this society expect people of my age, settle down with marriage and family giving away all my dreams of reaching out t o whole new world out there. but this post gave me answers certainly there is lot of thing you can learn in travel after all the life you haven’t lived as you like is not what you want to regret at the end of your days

  11. These are my heroes . I dream about travelling day and night , but it takes a lot of courage and willingness . I wish I can gather the courage , back pack and just take off some day , not knowing what next , just absorbing the sights and sounds .

    1. Yes.we sold our kids to a family in Greece for €10000 a kid.In hindsight, we did really miss them for a couple of weeks,but in the end it was the best decision we ever made.

    2. On the road we have seen many single Mothers with kids travelling joyfully. I am sure it is possible – It will be challenging ofcourse. :)

  12. I shut down my company and got rid of all worldly possessions last year (including a 7500 square foot house). Now I’m traveling the world with my husband. I’ve had a few bad moments of second-guessing (last week I had my first big meltdown and wrote about it here: http://eatsweatseek.com/2014/04/08/my-first-meltdown/ ) but in general, I’d say I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time.

    For me, this decision was about spending some time self-reflecting and doing things I love. I’ve worked like a dog for 30 years — I think I deserve some time to focus on myself.

  13. So I quit my job last June. I work(ed) in hotels and with my meager savings and some free lancing stints I have been trying to travel as much as I can.

  14. WoW. This is really a dream for me as well. Only thing is I still haven’t come out of a zone where I can focus on myself completely. But that day will come soon. I wont let the dream die till then and one day I will travel the whole world.

  15. What about the expenses ? Is it like you save and then quit to travel ? OR you just travel and earn where you go. Sounds like a brilliant idea and would love to spend rest on my life on road, but for all practical purposes ….how the hell will I cover travel expenses ?

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