7 Beautiful Bookstores In Asia Every Traveler Should Visit

There will always be that one place somewhere along the mighty globe that will make you go ”this is it! This is THE place to settle for.” Just like a journey on the road, there will always be that one book to make you go ‘’this is my life portrayed in 300 pages.’’

With immaculate weaving of words, some writers knit an omnipresence that creates a magical world for the readers to adopt it later as their own through gradual osmosis. The idea is to rummage through these bookstores and adore them for their eclectic goodness as they serve with a sole purpose of binding together diversity, travel and intelligence.


Tripoto dog-ears for you the best bookstores across Asia for a wicked nerd tour.

1. Woods in the Books, Singapore

Why you should visit – Take a walk down memory lane and read on your favourite childhood picture books.


Their handpicked exclusive collection of picture books is worth a visit while travelling. This quaint little store’s illustrated wall paintings and updated new selection adds a personal library feel to it and is major attraction among locals and expat avid-readers.

2. Booksactually, Singapore

Why you should visit – Rub cake’s belly (the store cat), collect vintage souvenirs for the journey ahead and get book’ed. 


Spacious and just perfectly lit. This store has much more to offer than just books. They offer unique homemade stationary, quirky colourful typewriters and vintage-style bric-a-brac.

3. Poplar kids republic, Beijing

Why you should visit – Enjoy the huge variety and read in well-lit cubbyholes. 

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Travelling with kids is a daunting act. Nevertheless, we love to take our little humans on adventures and instil the love for exploring distinct lands from a young age. Poplar kids republic is an upgraded bookstore designed extravagantly for children.

4. Randy’s Book Xchange, Vietnam

Why you should visit – Exchange and purchase used books that reek of the musty fragrance all bibliophiles love. 


A bookstore along the way, if not the destination is a saviour from worldly-woes and a refuge from unpleasant weather. Stop by at Randy’s, they carry some of the rarest collection of books with diligently organised genres for everyone. They even offer free downloads, so bring your kindles for some digital reading.

5. Littered With Books, Singapore

Why you should visit - Find your reading nook, share a quick confab with fellow travelers and rent books.


Don’t you just want to stop and run to your favourite genre isle when you see a charming little bookstore nested in cheerful ambiance? This one of a kind indie-book store offers distinguished collection of books organised perfectly with a homely sitting area. The arty and people-friendly-book vendors know what they are selling and will help you locate whilst serving a happy cup of joe.

6. Bosu-Dong Bookstore Alley, Korea

Why should you visit – It is the mother of all bookstores.


It is as if the mothership is calling all the adorkables home. A treat for sore eyes, you will wish for a shopping cart because of its insane selection and reasonable prices. Books are stock-pilled and cramped together in this boulevard, overflowing with culture and literature. When in Busan, follow these rules. Read, travel more and celebrate happiness.

7. Flow Books and Music, Hong Kong

Why you should visit – A bundle of joy at cheap prices will give you a run for your money.


A bookworm’s travel guide like place has come to life, which has books cascading everywhere. It will transport you to the world of adventure, literature and much more. So head out and grab yourselves a copy of the rarest editions.

Have you been to any interesting bookstores across Asia that you would like to share with us? Drop us a comment below and share your travel stories on Tripoto.