7 Insane Bars That Will Make Your EuroTrip Unforgettable

Europe offers so much in sights and sounds that a traveller often needs to absorb it all with a drink afterwards. Fortunately, there are some totally out-of-the-box and fascinating bars in Europe that leave the visitors in complete awe! Tripoto has listed down seven of these for your next big  European adventure or EuroTrip.

1: Life in a Nuclear Bunker at Bunkr Parukarka, Prague

Imagine stepping into a nuclear bunker against a looming nuclear strike. That is exactly the kind of emotions you will feel at the Bunkr Praukarka, housed underground what was a 1950s nuclear bunker. Locate in Prague, one of the partying hotspots in Europe, this nightclub comes to life when the city’s top DJs spin lively EDM tracks.

2: Inside an Alien at Giger Skeleton Bar, Switzerland

This bar offers an out-of-the-world experience, quite literally. The interiors  are covered by arches of vertebrae that crisscross the ceiling of an ancient castle as if you are swallowed by a giant alien. This masterpiece is created by Swiss artist Hans Rudi Giger, best known as the award winning designer of Alien movies. 

3: Ruined Pub of Szimpla Kert, Hungary

Vintage Russian Cars, old bikes, run down electronic devices and prehistoric toys are all part of one of Budapest’s oldest pub, Szimpla Kert. The ruin pubs, an integral part of Budapest’s night life, perfectly blend modern with old fashioned.

4: Experience the chill at Absolut Icebar, Sweden

Coats are not a style statement but a necessity at the world’s first ice bar in Sweden. Everything here is made of ice even the carefully crafted ice sculptures. It is the place to down Absolut vodka cocktails.

5: Your Indiana Jones Moment Das Klo Bar, Germany

Expect the unexpected at the Das Klo Bar in Germany!! Seating options include coffins and toilets; tables give out electric shocks and guests are sprayed with water on entrance. The bar is straight out of an Indian Jones movie.

 6: Dance to Save the World at Club4Climate- London

It is one of the worlds’ few eco-friendly nightclubs and their motto is simple really: ‘All you have to do is dance to save the world’.  The guests must sign a pledge to help fight global warming, plus no cover charge to the guests who walk or ride their bikes to the club. Sixty percent of the clubs power is generated from the dancers on the dance floor. Way to reduce your carbon footprint and keep the party going.

7: After Death Experience at Eternity, Ukraine

How about gulping the next round of beer inside a coffin. The Eternity bar is indeed a coffin – 20m in length, 6m wide and 6m tall. To top it all off, coffins and funeral flower arrangements provide the décor.

This list is certainly not exhaustive. If you think we have missed out on any peculiar bars leave a comment below.

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