8 Bollywood Road Trips Ideas That Inspire Wanderlust

Wanderlust grips everyone and Bollywood isn’t devoid of it. Here are few road trip ideas inspired from Bolloywood.

Bollywood uses the most scenic locations for their movies. And, while their characters suffer from tragedy, melodrama, untimely songs, and breaking into some queer dance moves, they also sometimes suffer from wanderlust.  All the films are made on the concept of the ‘Hero’s Journey’ and sometimes film makers take a step ahead to turn the figurative into the actual. Bollywood has long fiddled with the idea of how a road trip can change you and has produced amazing stories, where the best supporting role is played by the road itself.

Tripoto brings you a list of road trips ideas that should be brought from the reel to the real. 

 1) Dil Chahta Hai

dil chahta hai


Three friends. One epic journey from Bombay to Goa. Dil Chahta hai might have given birth to the idea of graduation road trips in India. In one beautiful and carefree journey, the three boys Akash, Sam and Sid, go through great transformations taking back some major life lessons. One falls in love, one gets cheated in love and one learns about forbidden love.  Though the movie revolves around various themes, the road emerges as the greatest teacher.  A college degree might not make you ready to face life, but travel sure does.

Follow Their Journey – Get into a car with two (or more) of your best friends and take a long drive from Bombay to Goa.

2) Jab We Met



The road can be a great place to find true love. Who knew, right?  Aditya and Geet meet on a train as complete strangers but by the time they complete their journey from Mumbai to Bhatinda, passing through the beautiful landscapes of North India, they fall in love.  They also change as people  with some mad things happening on the road, starting with missing a train to driving a crazy taxi all the way to the next station, eloping together to the scenic hills of Manali and choosing a rather wrong motel to stay the night.

Follow Their Journey - A train/taxi/bus ride to Bathinda. A small stop over. Getting back on the road to Manali and coming back to Bathinda.

3) Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara

zindagi na milegi dobara


This movie changed perceptions about a Bachelor’s trip.  The clichéd strip club/casino/ waking up with a hangover trip concept turned into an epic road journey idea.  Three friends meet after ages to fulfill a pact they made in college.  The road takes them to various gorgeous cities of Spain. This journey not only strengthens their friendship, but also helps them face their greatest fears, teaches them to live in the moment and forces them to re-discover some relationships.  Travel is the best means for self-discovery.

Follow their Journey - Begin in Barcelona heading towards Costa Brava and then Pamplona. In between make stops at Bunol and Rhonda.

4) Highway



People transform when they leave the cozy comfort of their houses to venture on the rocky, harsh and dangerous roads. They become more fearless, carefree, and bold. This is highway.  A young, to-be-married girl (Veera) is kidnapped by a rowdy Mahavir. What follows is a journey through the high roads of Himachal Pradesh and Haryana that brings out the traumatic pasts of both characters. In the end both emerge stronger and braver.  A lesson in how travelling is a healing experience and every time you walk a rough road, you emerge tougher.

Follow their journey - Take a truck and drive through the highways of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir.

5) Anjana Anjani

anjana anjani


Travel makes you feel alive. This is, perhaps, what the two protagonists needed to learn from the road. Kiara and Akash are pretty adamant on committing suicide.  With a few failed attempts they set an end date for themselves. In their last days, they decide to fulfill their wishes and take a journey together. They embark on the ultimate road trip to Las Vegas. The adventure of the road and the thrill of the destination makes them feel alive again and they also end up falling in love.  Post the journey, they return to their lives again only to see it changing for the good. Sometimes, all you’ve got to do with a bad situation is take a car and drive away from it.

Follow their journey - Hop into a car and drive through the landscape of Nevada into Vegas.

6) Queen



This might not be your traditional road trip movie but, it is quite a special journey. This movie breaks all the conventions set on travelling. After being ditched by her fiancé on her wedding day, Rani decides to go on her honeymoon all by herself.  A woman, who mustn’t have travelled out of her town before, sets foot into a strange country.  All Alone.  She encounters strange streets, people, places and food, and comes to realise who she really is. She learns that strangers aren’t always to be feared, that she doesn’t need to fit into someone else’s idea of perfect and that beyond the safety of her town lies an enchanting world full of great people and places. She comes back a strong willed, independent woman.

Follow her journey - From Delhi head to Paris, take the railway to Amsterdam and fly back to Delhi again.

7) Bombay to Goa

In many ways, this was the baap of all road-trip movies — in that it proved that no genre was out of reach if you put an ensemble of quirky characters in one single bus.

Follow their journey - Get on a rickety bus from Bombay to Goa, and let life happen.

8) Road, Movie



This movie, kind of come the closest to the word, wanderlust.  A young boy’s urge to escape from a boring life onto the road takes him through the scenic deserts of Rajasthan. En route, he meets some of the most distinct and crazy people that he grows to admire. Driving in his old Chevy, the truck becomes much more to him that just a vehicle. Making a strong connection with cinema and travel, the movie shows a transformation of an aimless boy to a man with a purpose.

Follow his journey - Take an old truck and drive through some charismatic rural villages of Rajasthan.

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