8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Jim Corbett National Park This Winter

by Anmol Arora

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When I looked out of the balcony of my hotel room at the Jim Corbett National Park, I knew I was in the right place. There was virgin forest as far as the eye could see and the genteel flow of the river made me realise how far I had come from the din of the city. I breathed the fresh air of the jungle and set myself up for a weekend of jungle safaris, elephant rides and nature walks.

It was my first visit to India’s oldest national park Corbett and I realised that it is a paradise for travellers of all permutations and combinations. Here is what will delight and excite travellers to take a trip to Uttarakhand.

1: Wildlife Photography at Jim Corbett National Park

Wildlife Photographers find 1288 sq km of pristine area teeming with wildlife and beautiful landscapes. There are more than 200 different species of mesmerizing tigers  and 586 resident and migratory birds. Click away to Glory!!

2: Romantic Getaway at Jim Corbett National Park

Bonfire in the evenings followed by long walks are ideal for couples looking to spend time together. During my stay at Corbett, I spent one evening interacting with a entrepreneur husband who decided to throw his wife a birthday party at Namah Resort in Corbett. The Young Couple couldn’t have looked happier.

3: Friends Outing

All that a Groups of  friends really need is a place away from the glare of parents, readily available booze and no restrictions on the decibel level of music. Corbett checks all the boxes. More and more youngsters are now coming to Corbett without any interest in jungle safaris. Whatever floats your boat, we say.

4: Family Retreat

Corbett is an excellent place to have a family outing. The young ones get away from the television screen and run riot in the play grounds while the elders sip on warm beverage. The safaris and communal bonfires offer plenty of free time to get together.

Jim Corbett National Park


5: Corporate Offsite

Corbett’s proximity to the National Capital Region makes it an effective location to have a corporate Offsite. There are resorts which offer premium accomodation, conference rooms and recreation spots  that caters to a corporate audience.

6: Adventure Activities

Adventure Junkies find Corbett to be full of adventure activities such as rappelling, River crossing, slithering and even free fall filmy stunt. These activities can be enjoyed on the Ramganga river.

7: Search For Inspiration

A writer/poet, like myself, only needs pleasant weather and a beautiful view for the creative juices to flow and the Park is blessed with plenty of sunlight and greenery all around. For all its worth, this is one of the articles that came as a result of my time exploring the Jim Corbett Park.

Namah Resort at Jim Corbett National Park

8: For The Love of Luxury

It is okay to indulge yourself every once in a while, and Namah resort sure knows how to spoil guests with comfort and luxury. The spa (I went for a soothing deep tissue massage),  in house movie collection and the multi-cuisine restaurant (Boond) adds wonders to the whole Corbett experience.

To find out more about the jungle safari offered at Namah call +91-11– 23242446, +91-11-23242422

Did you write, click or chill at Jim Corbett National Park? How did you spend your time at Corbett. Share your travel stories with the Tripoto community.