9 Amazingly True Reasons Why A College Trip Is The Best Thing Ever!

by Harleen Kalsi

Indecisive and reckless but blessed with a pool of possibilities; it is a giant leap from the restricted school schedules and uniforms to the brand new world of wisdom thereafter. It is the perfect time to grab opportunities and metabolize a multitude of memorable stories.
While you stand on the cusp of a new chapter, utilize the time to impregnate yourself with new experiences and building new connections. This is the time to realize that you don’t need to be a hamster on the wheel and run through life with unnecessary velocity.

Traveling is something that you should do while you still can and here’s has a list of pretty convincing reasons why the college years are the golden years to hit the road. 
1. First things first, it’ll be your first trip without a supervisor.

Since there will be no one to stop you from maneuvering your shenanigans, wear anything objectionable and discover places that only you and your friends will know about. It’s going to be the best breakaway trip ever!

2. It will be a life-altering experience, even for a wisecrack.

Life will unleash itself onto you in full form and you will face massive challenges. Winning over a window seat will be the hardest one.

3. When things get chaotic, communication is the key.

You might have handpicked certain friends to tour along, but they can get under your skin for becoming either too obsessive compulsive with the planning or simply too excited for anything that is going to happen. Here’s what you need to do when the stroke strikes, keep calm and join the madness.

4. It will forever be your happiest budget trip.

Pool your cash = pool your happiness! Trips like these will teach you to live and plan wisely on a limited budget and have all the fun at the same time. It will also unravel the better side to your friendship.

5. You will come back with some epic stories to remember.

Simply because they bring out the crazy in you, friends are the best creatures to have around and their friendship is the best souvenir to keep. You know the end of youth doesn’t have to be life’s saturation point, but while you can, utilize the time to break free and get a deranged interval.

6. I-phone, therefore I am!

From becoming a generation Y people, we went on to becoming Instagram generation with an urgent need to click away everything and anything. The best part about going on a college trip with your friends is that you will come back with an insane number of snapshots (already captioned). Better click some nasties for fun (read= blackmail).

7. Set a goal. Sleep on it, eat on it and travel on it!

A change of place is a great way to let go of differences and trouble. If you think, you have an ambition and a passion to liberalise your goal, then whilst on your travels meet locals and share tales that will help you broaden your horizons and master the art of interacting for the long run.

8. Our personality and individuality percolates when we travel.

Learning is a life-long process that never stops. Squeeze the moment tighter now, surprise yourself and create magical memories that will leave you transfixed with greater awe over time.

9.  And the truth is, it will be the only time your parents won’t be a complete buzzkill about you taking off for a few days.

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You owe it to these golden years, don’t waste it. Take reckless trips, hit locations spontaneously and Share your Travel stories on Tripoto.