9 Reasons Why Travel Bloggers are the New-Age Heroes

For us at Tripoto travel writers, photographers and bloggers are the coolest people on the planet. 9 reasons why the world should agree.

Connor Beakley, Flickr

1. Because you are the coolest Historians alive.

You create history every time you interact with a place. You create history by preserving the essence of a place at a specific point in time. And, the moment you move on, the place moves on like you. It’s this history that needs to be shared and preserved.

2. Because you are creators.

When you share your stories, you create. You create an experience and express an emotion. And in doing this, you slowly evolve into storytellers.


Image by Thai Travel Journal

3. Because you are the Marco Polo’s and Columbus’ of our generation.

You are the Marco Polo of this generation of travelers. You travel and bring back experiences that leave people around you in awe.

4. Because you are unique in your perspectives.

The way you see the world is as unique as you are. And, that is worth sharing with everyone from your best friend to the old woman you keep on bumping into at your neighborhood Laundromat.

5. Because you believe in the importance of tribes and communities.

You are an important part of a growing tribe that believes in reliving their travels through inspired retellings of adventures on the road.


6. Because you are the new age reporters.

You are the moving newspapers and TV screens for a world that is slowly being lost in the dusty corners of a culture in favor of the ‘new wonders’ and  ‘artificial islands’.

7. Because you know how to have fun.

You never grow tired of telling everyone about that time you camped out in the desert darkness and hitched a ride on a rickety truck the next morning.

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8. Because you inspire.

You inspire an entire new set of travelers through your travel tales. Your stories will make someone, somewhere pack their bags and leave with a promise of new experiences and interactions on the road.

9. Because the world needs to become a better place.

The world needs people like you. Nomads who revel in its unfamiliarity and mysteries. Wanderers who never let go of a place, even when they are back home.


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16 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why Travel Bloggers are the New-Age Heroes

  1. So true… finally somebody is recognizing the travel bloggers and not by throwing a freebie but actually acknowledging the contribution they are making to make the world a better place. Loved the last point.

  2. Glad to be part of this growing community of fellow travellers, explorers and adventurers!

  3. Glad to be one on them!! Travelling is like ocean the more you travel the more you learn you find a new thing to learn the emotions,love,caring,personality development.. Travelling is fun!

  4. Hello Tripodo!
    Thank you for who you are! You are changing the world.
    What a priceless website this is. Since long I have been looking for something as this. As they say, “When the student is ready, master appears.”
    Endless gratitude to you for the stories and the storytelling.

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