10 Best Cities In India To Try The Sweetest Delicacies

The art of refining sugar was invented in India, a rich and colourful Homeland to the vast array of traditions, rituals and festivals. For most countries, the pride lies in the diversified and unique cuisines that they serve, and India stands erect as one of them. Paragon of celebration, sweets in India are made to cement the tasteful bond between people from various cities and to spread its cultural significance as far as possible. 

Tripoto brings to you an interesting list of the sweetest cities in India serving the best delicacies that will make your mouth water.

1. Ghevar of Rajasthan

As lavish and glorious this place is, Rajasthan is a land of royalty wrapped in evocative ruins and dramatic anecdotes, which is blessed for producing unique creations in dynamite colours. Rajasthani sweets are perfect for a cold winter’s day and will make you drool with every bite. Its traditional sweet, Ghevar is soaked and prepared in pure Ghee and is associated with Teej Festival.
sweetest cities in india
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Main ingredient used: Kewra
What else to try here: Kalakand

2. The Pak of Mysore

If you would like to get high on Sugar and crumble down to get the taste of a day of perfect food tripping, then Mysore is the place for you. The Mysore Pak has a story of its own, as it was first prepared in the Palace of Mysore for royalty. The Royal Chef had magically created this sweet dish from gram flour, ghee and sugar. It is easily available and a must try.
sweetest cities of india

Main ingredient used: Gram flour

3. Petha of Agra

The romantic charm of Agra is liberating and has become more than just a tourist attraction.  The city, its people and the splendid Fort have developed a sui generis taste for travelers. They are welcoming and do their best to keep the city budget-friendly. Besides the Taj, another known item to look out for in Agra, is its Petha. This Indian candy is made from the ash gourd vegetable and now has more than thirty varieties.
sweetest cities of India

Main ingredient used: Ash gourd

4. Modak Of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a versatile city and an intriguing palette of myriad lights of the various cities where people are trying to hold onto its increasingly changing times to keep their culture alive. Its cuisines will get fixated in your hearts forever once you develop a taste for them. Modak has historical importance, as it was Lord Ganesh’s favourite food, which is a dumpling with sweet filling. During Ganesh Chaturthi, twenty-one dumplings are offered to the deity.
sweetest cities of india

Main ingredients used: Coconut and jaggery

5. Rabri of Varanasi

Rabri is a sweet wholesome meal for mithai lovers. Originally, from Varanasi, Rabri is extremely creamy and toothsome. Take a serene boat trip along the river by the mystical Ghats of Varanasi and enjoy a cup of delish Rabri for an ethereal experience.
sweetest cities of india

Main ingredient used: Pearl millet flour

6. Gajrela of Punjab

Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Guru Ka Langar and a hub of the best Dhabas. Friendly and vibrant is the land of five rivers that has blood-soaked history of bravery and courage. As much as people love their food here, they prepare it with an equal amount of love. Gajar Ka Halwa or Gajrela is a sweet pudding made from grated carrots, milk, khoya and sugar.
sweetest cities of india

Main ingredients used: Carrots and khoya
What else to try here: Matka Phirni

7. Sweets of Bengal

There is no dearth of sweets in Bengal. They hold special importance at social gatherings and are recognized as an expression of hearty respect for others. Some of their wholesome and honeyed delicacies include Sandesh, which is made of Chhena, jaggery and condensed milk.  Pitha, which comes in various categories and is popularly consumed for its creamy rich texture.
sweetest cities in india

Main ingredient used in Bengali sweets: Chhena (sweetened cottage cheese)
What else to try here: Chomchom, Chhanar jilapi, Rosogolla and Roshmalai

8. Chhena Poda of Odisha

An effervescent coastline spread across scintillating Bay of Bengal, Odisha is fascinatingly crammed with beautiful Temples and breathtaking sunsets. Yet, the best part about this place remains Odissi dance; the oldest surviving dance form of India, Chilika Lake and its peculiar cuisine style. Chhena Poda is cheese dessert, literally meaning ‘’burnt cheese.’’ Add it to your foodie list, Indian Cheesecake.
sweetest cities in india
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Main ingredient used: Chhena

9. Qubani ka Meetha of Hyderabad

The Nawabi posh culture of the city screams from every ornate architectural masterpiece, which makes this city what it is today; a pure Gem. Many food connoisseurs have listed Hyderabadi cuisine aka the Deccani Cuisine as the royalty that one can taste.  Qubani Ka Meetha ( Qubani means apricot) is a popular sweet dish made from dried apricots and is mostly served at special occasions.
sweetest cities in india
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What else to try here: Dil e Firdaus, Double ka Meetha and Badam-ki-jhab

10. Adhirasam of Tamil Nadu

A part of India that is a crazy canvas of many Temples, tantalising beaches, classical art, lush oasis and cuisines. Tamil Nadu is a land of excellence and to achieve that excellence, people work with patience. As much as they pour in their entire belief with purity in making good food, with similar sweetness they prepare this classic Indian doughnut called, Adhirasam. Adhirasam is made from rice flour, pepper, jaggery and butter and it might be the best thing you read about today.
sweetest cities in india
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Main ingredients used: jaggery and rice flour

11. Everywhere

Kaju Katli, Jalebi, Barfi, Gulab jamun, Gujia, Laddoo and many more. These sweets are consumed widely and loved by everyone.
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Welcome to a country sautéed in flavours galore. If you have something interesting to add to this list, then drop a comment below. Share your happy food tours on Tripoto and get a chance to feature on our Homepage.