Best Travel Blogs To Look Out For In 2015

These Travel Bloggers are urban nomads, mad globe trotters and interesting storytellers from all over the world and their travelogues are a sneak peak into a stunning world of possibilities. From insane backpacker on Everest Base camp to couples sailing across the world, this list of ‘Best Travel Blogs to Look Out For in 2015′ is a whole new virtual world on a move.

1. Backpackers

Off The Path


Sebastian a motivational speaker, marketing consultant and world traveler. Off the path is his adventure travel blog trying to bring you closer to the beautiful parts our world has to offer.

Desi Traveler


Desi Traveler began traveling believing that journey is the only destination. The blog got serious about the writer and has had long steady innings.  Desi Traveler is all about  personal travel stories and travel tips with a focus on travel that connects you with local people and places visited.

What’s Dave Doing


Corporate runaway. World wanderer. Coffee drinker.  In 2011, Dave Dean set off to work and wander around the world with a backpack, a laptop and no return ticket. For the last two years he’s been living and working from the road.

Indie Traveller


To some, travel means sunbathing on the deck of a cruise ship while getting a massage. But not for Marek. To this Indie Traveller travel isn’t just about relaxing; it’s also about venturing out into the unknown, following your own path, and pushing beyond your comfort zone.

Tourist 2 Townie


A Marketing Director turned Dream Chaser with a passion for slow, meaningful travel, Gareth Leonard’s goal is to experience the world like a local to truly understand foreign communities through the people and culture that define them.

Sarah Somewhere


This is Sarah Chamberlain’s sacred place. An Australian writer, dreamer and traveler, discovering the beauty of my imperfect journey and encouraging you to realize the beauty of your own. For Sarah Everest Base Camp in Nepal is the most picturesque journey she’s taken.

Bald Hiker

baldhiker Paul Steele is founder and editor of and a hiker from northern England, UK, an area of mountains, lakes, valleys and fields of green. His followers can vicariously travel the world through his pictures and learn about Paul’s experiences trying out new technology.

A Backpackers Tale


A backpackers tale

Stephen made a commitment to himself that he would make his dream of full time travel a permanent reality. And now he’s left that world of routine and fake smiles, and is traveling the world indefinitely. He will be sailing around on a giant square rigger tall ship for the next five months around the US, Bermuda, Canada, Caribbean.  

Rexy Edventures

rexy Jacking in his corporate job in 2011, Ed went on a Round the World Trip and  never stopped travelling since. Rexy Edventures, chronicles the Adventures of a deaf and handsome luxury backpacker travelling the unexpected.

Lost Boy Memoirs

Lostboymemoirs Ryan’s blog is a collection of his travels and mis-adventures; an odyssey of oddities around the world not to find himself, but to create himself, and to seek out knowledge first hand by discovering cultures around the world with an open mind and naked eyes.

Backpacker Banter

backpacker banter Backpackers banter is a mix of trips, a mash of cultures, landscape and beautiful blue waves – with heaps of chaos, calm and banter in equal measure! Chris’ biggest budget travel hack is to work for accommodation, saves you thousands and great way to network for discounts.


Exotic Gringo

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 8.05.48 PM Kaushal Karkhanis (aka Exotic Gringo), a digital strategist + travel blogger from Mumbai, India. He’s on a mission to always be younger than the countries you’ve visited. The world map has been his inspiration to look outside his geography and comfort zone.


Contemporary Nomad


Tony and Thomas, two virtual nomads who, one day in 2007, decided sedentary life in Berlin wasn’t working for them, so they quit, sold off their worldly possessions, packed, and left. Their next adventure is camping in Antarctica.

2. Solo Female

Young Adventures


On her own since 10 years, and 40 countries later, her wanderlust has only grown and the list of countries she wants to visit is even longer. She quit her job and moved to New Zealand and is now headed to Queensland for her next adventure.

Girl x Departure

GirlsXdepartureLaura has a passion for travel. She has a multinational background, half Polish, half Serbian and raised in Germany – she has stories about exciting adventures and give tips to make your travel experiences memorable.


The Travel Chica Stephanie started traveling solo at the age of 29 and writes intensely about her independent travel experiences in a hope to introduce new places to people and inspire you to go out and explore the world, and perhaps provide a little entertainment.

My Travel Affairs

My Travel Affairs  Marysia has studied to be a lawyer and took a degree in fashion design. She lived and partied in Spain and England. Traveling gives her a constant change, and she enjoys that the most. No monotony.

Meander The World

meandertheworld Rachel spent 10 years spending almost every penny earned and travelled to over 60 countries. My adventures are inspired by my obsession w the outdoors, love of challenges, and restlessness. “The great affair is to move”.

Hippie In Heels

hippie-inheelsRachel Jones, an American who left a career in nursing to live on the beaches on Goa, India. A contradiction, her blog focuses on off beat places & glamorous travel. Ratnagiri and Coorg are her pick for some of the quirkiest destinations in India.


Paper Planes And Caramel Waffles

paperplanesandcaramelwaffles Emma is 26 years and in love with the city of Sydney. But that doesn’t stop her from exploring the world. Moreover, she detests the thought of being in the same place for too long. Her choice for a perfect luxury destination is Hotel Croydon in Miami! A perfect little slice of luxury in a fun city.

Anita Bora

Anitabora A girl on the run, always looking for the next adventure, Anita is a lover of tea, wine, and cats. Made in India, lives in California and her favourite luxury destination is Bora Bora.



Ankita’s blog is a personalized stylish travel and adventure blog. No fancy photos, no random snippets, her 3-5 minute travel videos speak about the place the way Ankita has experienced it.


llworldtourA three-time Emmy Award winning television writer/producer/editor/video consultant shares her three and a half years of travel, going around the world twice (sort of), visiting 45+ countries, and vagabonding around the United States staying with friends and family.

Vicky Flip Flop Travels

vickyflipfloptravelOn her blog you’ll find Vicky having fun on her adventures and reporting back in the hope of giving you the confidence and knowledge to do the same. From city breaks, to days out in London, to two-week itineraries for some of the most popular long-haul destinations, she writes about whatever takes her interest.

2 Summers


Heather Mason is an American in Jozi. (slang for Johannesburg). This is her fifth summer in Joburg and her favourite getaway is a rafting trip on the Orange River near the Namibian border.

Katie Aune

KatieauneTraveled and volunteered in all 15 countries of the former Soviet Union, Katie has done it all from running a marathon in Estonia, teaching English in Russia and Tajikistan, volunteering with the national tourism board of Armenia to living with local families in Azerbaijan. Back in Chicago, Katie now writes about her travel in free time.

Adventurous Kate

adventurous kate

After spending six fantastic months in Southeast Asia, Kate turned her travel blog into a full-time business. Today, she travels full-time, going anywhere that sounds wacky or beautiful or interesting. She’s excited to head back to El Salvador next week!

One Penny Trip

onepennytripThis blog is a major part of Justyna’s happy life. Traveling off the beaten path with no bigger plan, and with people she meets on the way is what she loves the most.

A Lady in London

A lady in LondonAdventures of an expat Californian living in London and traveling the world. 100 countries and counting! Apart from her escapades around the world, the Lady now shares her amazing experience in ad around London.

The Shooting Star

Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath has hitch-hiked along Romania’s northern countryside, lived with the chocolate farmers of Costa Rica, journeyed along Canada’s great wilderness by train and swum with black tip sharks on Malaysia’s east coast.  These days Georgia (the country) is on her mind.

This American Girl

thisamericangirlIn February 2012, Camille Willemain, sold all of her belongings and took a one way flight to Costa Rica. She hasn’t stopped traveling since then.


Runaway Juno

run awayj unoJuno Kim, storyteller: writer, photographer. She left her cubic farm to follow her true love: the world. A firm believer of serendipity, astronomy enthusiaster, and living by passion and love in life. Currently, on a quest to find the place where she can call ‘home’.

Adventurous Miriam

adventurousmiriamMiriam Risager, went for a six month backpacking trip through Asia in 2006. Since then she’s traveled extensively in Latin America and returned to my beloved Southeast Asia every chance I get. Bali is her favourite solo female travel destination. She believes that traveling changes lives to the better. All you have to do is try.

Zooming Japan

zooming Japan Jasmine T, a German, who first came to Japan for one year using the working holiday visa, now has no idea what happened to the original plan. She has visited all 47 Japanese prefectures and over 100 Japanese castles and shares her travel experience with you through her blog.

My Yatra Diary

myyatradiaryTraveling to spiritual destinations in India, Arti chronicles them in her diary here. Complete with extensive description that includes delightful photographs, places to stay and eat, shopping and much more, the blog gives a great virtual tour through her journey.

A Travel Blog Of An Indian Backpacker

lakshmishrath Lakshmi Sharath has been blogging in the travel space since 2005 when she decided to travel and see the world. She has covered over 25 countries and her passion lies in exploring the nooks of India.

Europe A La Carte

europealacarte At Europe A La Carte you’ll find tips on where to visit in Europe and the best European destinations. There’s so much to do and see in Europe and Karen Bryan, editor at Europe A La Carte, helps you make the most of your European Trip.

3. Adventure


Expert Vagabond

ExpertvegabondMatt is traveling our planet for the past 4 years now. Why? Because he’s curious about the world. He wants to take risks, meet interesting people, challenge himself, learn new things, and grow as a person.

Borders of Adventure

bordersofadventureThere does need to be a female explorer out there crossing continents in the same insightful manner and Becki has never stopped developing a passion for uncovering places of great change, deeper culture and wider meaning.

Bushwalking Blog

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 7.54.33 PM The bearded, non hipster Melbournian, Neil Fahey’s Bushwalking Blog started when he began hiking regularly back in 2008. Since then Bushwalking Blog is the nerve point for all about hiking. His all time favourite day hike is the southern circuit of Cathedral Range State Park in Victoria.


Nicks Travel Bug

NIcks Travel Blog Fromhang gliding in Switzerland to pub crawls in Paris to having a monkey on shoulder in Costa Rica, the adventures are endless! Nick is an adventure blogger, adrenaline junkie, and craft beer enthusiast encouraging others to live vicariously through themselves.

The Traveling Dutchman

TheTravelingDutchMan Jasper, a Dutch by birth but a citizen of the world.This blog not only chronicles his journeys but also serves as inspiration for whoever wants to pursue the same goal.

Mike’s Road Trip Mike’s Road Trip is about discovering those hidden gems of the road and sharing them with other adventurous and discerning travelers. Whether you live vicariously or by example, Mike will do the exploring so you can have an adventure.

Hiking The Trail

hikingthetrail Hiking The Trail began as an online journal chronicling Adam Nutting’s preparation for and hiking of the Appalachian Trail in 2013. Since then Adam has used Hiking the Trail to share his outdoor life through trip reports, travel, gear reviews, tips, and much more. He’s now looking forward to the hike in Maine this summer.

The Tranquilo Traveler

joshua berman

The Tranquilo Traveler is a celebration of voluntourism, slow travel, and other interesting ways to see the world. Joshua Berman is a self-employed freelance travel writer and guidebook author, specializing in Belize, Nicaragua, and Colorado, especially alternative/sustainable tourism.

4. Budget Travel

The Tech Gypsy

thetechgypsyRobyn Clif­ford, 23 is like many people her age. Bitten by the travel bug, she I won’t rest till she’s seen every­where her legs man­age to carry her. Her ultimate budget travel hack is using the double up method, to catch transport overnight to use as accommodation- rested and ready on less! Now that’s pretty cool.

Frugal Frolicker

Frugal Frolicker

Lindsay started Frugal Frolicker in 2013, and the long-term of her blog intention is to keep sharing her adventures, both local and afar, in hopes of inspiring others to live a life of travel no matter how much money they’ve got.

The Poor Traveler

The Poor TravelerThis blog is a diary of two suckers who always find themselves getting ripped off, whose time is always wasted getting lost, whose trips are always spoiled by the rain, and whose bowel movement always gets in the way. Yoshke and Vins are everything a traveler should not be.

Monk Bought Lunch

Monk Bought LunchStephen wasn’t born a traveler, but over the years he’s grown into it. He’s a photographer/writer on the road since 2008, and he’s been doing his best to visit as many amazing places as he can since then. Kyrgyzstan is the place he loves to call home and its also the most picturesque destination on his list.

The Four Jandals

fourjandalsThe Four Jandals team has been wearing out their jandals (Kiwi slang for flip-flops) on their travel adventures around the world since 2009. They love all types of adventures that allow them to step outside their comfort zones, in comfort.

5. Food and Drinks

Deliciously Directionless

Deliciously Directionless

After 9 years of Corporate Marketing, Prachi has now ventured into writing.Her blog is about food, travel & lifestyle and chronicles her recipes, restaurants, reviews, travel notes and interviews.

Travel Drink Dine


Wendy Kerby is the creator and writer at Travel Drink Dine – A blog that takes you on a culinary journey around the world. Her current faves are in Melbourne down along Southwarf – Bangpop for dining and pops of colour and Lui Bar level 55 of the Rialto.

The Lazy Travelers

thelazytraveler Conquering the globe one glass of red at a time, Ashley and Carolyn are two best friends who have mastered the art of exploring a new city. They’re professional bar hoppers, pub crawlers, and food testers and you’ll never see them zipping around, checking things off a list of “must-sees.”

La Tortuga Viajera

latortugaviajera Tortuga Viajera (the traveling turtle) is a travel and Spanish food blog based on Erin’s experiences as an American living in Madrid with her Madrileño husband.

Eating Asia They are food/travel journalist Robyn Eckhardt and professional photographer David Hagerman. Robyn spent half of last year in Turkey working on a cookbook and the place is his pick for the ultimate foodie destination.



migrationology Mark Weins enjoys nothing more than eating and tasting food. Migrationology is where people who love to eat and travel come to experience and get a flavor for delicious food from around the world and from across cultures.

Find Me A Break

FindmeabreakMyla Laurel is a Filipino expat living in Dubai for two years and counting. With a strong passion for photography, music, pugs and art, living in Dubai opened many doors for her. This blog is her journey of discovery as she swapped country living in a big city.

6. Luxury Travel 


The World and Then Some

TheWorldandthensome Ellie and her fiancé Pad like to travel far and wide – and as they’ve grown-up they’ve grown to love luxury and travel comfortably. Her favourite couple travel destination is Vegas, an unconventional romantic spot with so much to do.


Holy Smithereens

holysmithereens Holy Smithereens offers travel ideas for the luxurious adventurer. If you are one to indulge in travel yet be up at the call of a good adventure, then stay , relax and have a browse. Don’t forget the mojito :) They’re headed to the Mediterranean in 2 weeks.

30 Traveler

30Traveler is a travel blog for people who are transitioning from backpacker and flashpacker style travel in their 20s, to a mix of flashpacker and luxury style travel in their 30s. Or, for anyone who likes to mix high and low travel styles.

Chris Travel Blog

ChrisTravelBlogChris Travel Blog by Chris W. – Business & Leisure travel combined – The efficient way! An excellent space to explore luxury travel on a budget.

7. Couple on the Move

One World One Year


Mark and Britnee Johnston from Utah are a married couple who had the crazy idea to leave their jobs in May 2014 to travel the world for a year. Twenty countries later and they’re still going strong!

10 Year Itch


On their 10th anniversary, Madhu and Savi (founders) decided to try out something they had been dreaming of for a long time, A multi-year trip through India. started off as a blog and then overtime morphed itself into an online portal for India Travel.

Discovering Ice

discovering Ice

Discovering Ice was started by Steph and Andres, a couple in their twenties who both gave up their jobs to travel the world and find a way to make full-time travel a lifestyle choice funded through online entrepreneurship.

The Fighting Couple

The Fighting Couple

After their honeymoon to Lake Tahoe, Mike turned to Luci and said, “Where are we going next year?” So began their yearly pilgrimage to somewhere new; somewhere they could spend time together (or not) somewhere to fight, somewhere to discover.

So Many Places somanyplaces

In 2012 Kim quit her job, sold her stuff, and left home to write and travel. This is a blog about discovering the world and fighting like hell for your dreams.

Global Grasshopper


Becky and Gray are the UK-based duo behind GlobalGrasshopper – a global magazine and resource for independent travellers. They’re also joined by a team of self-confessed travel snobs and together we’re on a mission to discover the world’s most underrated and beautiful places.

Uncornered Market


Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott, a husband-and-wife storytelling team. Over twelve years ago they began with a one-way ticket and an insatiable curiosity about the world and its people. More than 90 countries later, they’re are still going… and still married.

The Siracusas


Romana and Emanuele met, became flatmates, friends, and finally lovers. Eventually they got married and became the Siracusas. As passionate lifelong learners and independent-minded travellers, they live to satisfy their curiosity about the world, its people, its cultures and traditions.

Tie land to Thailand


Chris and Angela  sold everything, paid off their debt, and gave up the unfulfilling nine to five back in the United States. Today they are living full time in Chiang Mai, Thailand, guiding and inspiring prospective expats towards amazing lives abroad!

Different Doors


Revati and Charles from Mumbai are advertising people by profession, cooks by passion, and travelers at heart. They believe in travelling close to the ground, not signing up for travel tours, living like locals as far as possible, making detailed plans (and throwing them away when we need to), learning a little of the local cuisine and travelling slow.

Shadows Galore


Shadows Galore is a weblog about Travel, Photography, Lifestyle and Community Partnership. Here, you will find Puru and Ekta’s travelogues, travel tips, photo essays, photography lessons, book reviews, film reviews and much more.

Sand In My Suitcase

sand in my suitcase

They’re Janice and George Mucalov, lawyers by profession, and now travel writers. When they travel, you’ll find them hiking, kayaking, bicycling, scuba diving and walking city streets from end to end (poking their heads into this and that).

8. Culture

Heather on Her Travels


From her home in Bristol, England Heather seeks out travel inspiration and fun with her friends and family, tasting the food, exploring the culture, meeting the locals and soaking up the sunshine. Her travel blog is where you’ll find her travel tales, videos, podcasts and photos from Europe and around the world.

Farsighted Fly Girl


Rosalind specializes in travel, fashion and culture and her blog explores aspects of all of these with musings on how they connect. You’ll find cultural details and observations about various countries and cites. She also features her reviews and analysis of global music, books and fashion.

Japan Travel Mate

japantravelmateThis travel blog was started after an impromptu 3 week holiday to Japan, visiting Osaka, Kyoto, Okayama and a little place called Takahashi, Fukuoka and Tokyo. Since then Dean has enjoyed living in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, and have travelled Japan extensively. Hakone Shrine is one of the most scenic sites he has witnessed in Japan.

My Travelogue

bhushavaliA Fashion & Textile Designer by profession and an ardent traveler by passion. This blog ventures to places where many don’t venture. Bhusavali loves riding her bike and holds interest  especially in Eco-tour and Heritage and a bit of adventure too.

My Favourite Things

My Favourite things
Sudhagee is a Mumbai-based travel blogger and this blog is a reflection of her multiple interests in travel and photography, books, music, her home city of Mumbai, and much more.This blog has been a heady journey of self-discovery and growth as an individual.

Steven and Saule’s Caravanistan was born out of a frustration to find reliable information about Central Asia and the Silk Road.  Of the many picturesque locations, Caravanistan recommends Bukhara for late medieval culture and Tashkent for something more modern.

Ms Travelling Pants

mstravelingpantsTravel stories, insights, and tips for adventure and cultural travel seekers written by a sassy, world traveler nicknamed Ms Traveling Pants. For Heidi adventure is the best way to meditate and gain perspectives.


A Girl & Her Travels

agirlandhertravelsPolly is a wanderer with an intense love of having a home base. Her blog here to bust you out of your stuck-at-home blues by showing you how local travel can be just as fun as ‘real’ travel without spending all that money. Russia is her choice for an ultimate female solo travel-ultra-safe, friendly locals, great infrastructure, and not overly touristy!

9. Family Travel

Jet Lag And Mayhem

jetlagandmayhemNicola haS always loved to travel and having kids hasn’t stopped her, in fact it’s her mission to turn them into mini jet-setters!

Mum’s Gone To

Trish Burgess’ blog was born after she decided to type up her travel diaries. They began with ‘Mum’s Gone to Iceland’ in 2007 and since then they’ve had family jaunts from Canada to Cyprus, Barcelona to Berlin, London to Lake Garda.

Soul Travelers 3

A family of 3 highly creative people and a mostly well oiled, harmonious team. Their craziest family travel tale is one in Morocco with Morzart st3 playing violin deep in the Sahara at 6 years old, for Berber kids who had never seen one!


Where’s Sharon

wheressharonTraveling with kids and without kids, her inspiration to travel has been the same. A desire to see and experience all the world has to offer. Married with two children, Sharon’s blog follows their experiences of travelling with kids – the good, the bad and the (hopefully not too) ugly!  As well as lots of tips to help you.


Jennifer Howze likes exotic locales, margaritas and queso, loud people, off-colour jokes. This Times’s former Alpha Mummy blogger, is a journalist, blogger and co-founder of BritMums and BritMums Live.

New Life on The Road

new life on the road
Its a family blog of boys living in a motorhome. A father on the move, homeschooling his kids and passionately blogging and sharing their experiences in the road.

The Family Without Borders

the family without borders blog
Mama: Polish journalist and Papa: German photographer. This is the blog of a traveling family. Together with their daughters Hanna and Mila, they decided to live the life they always dreamt about.

10. Photography

Joshi Daniel Photography

joshidaniel Photography
A photographer based out of India with a  passion to capture images of people he’s intrigued by—their faces, the stories behind them, their lifestyles, cultures, and traditions.

Momentary Awe


Passionate about photography since  Catalin’s dad took him out for his first snaps at the age of 9, he has been internationally recognised. Catalin Marin is an award winning photographer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and an avid photo blogger.

The Planet D

theplanetdDave and Deb are the smiling faces behind The Planet D. Their blog inspires people to step out of their comfort zone and realize their potential. That is exactly what travel has done for them. Mongolia is their pick for the most picturesque location.


Itchy Feet

Charukesi Ramadurai is a compulsive travel blogger, footloose wanderer, filter coffee drinker, crossword lover, drama queen, Wodehouse devotee. Itchy Feet encompasses her 11 years of travel blogging experience covering 20 Indian states, 25 countries.

Quiet Wanderings

Quiet WanderingsThis blog is about finding inspiration in faraway places. It’s about ff-the-beaten-path destinations and extraordinary journeys. It’s musings, stories, ideas and photography of some of the most beautiful places.

Stephen Lioy

stephen lioy

Stephen Lioy is a travel photographer and writer based out of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. He is passionate about photography and has been living Kyrgyzstan for years.

Otts World

Otts WorldSherry is a corporate cube dweller turned nomadic traveler. Otts World is not just about travel, it’s also about life experiences of a middle age wanderer.

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