Can You Match The Country With Its Favourite Drink?

Take the quiz to Unlock the Chronicles of Cocktail and get a chance to drink for free across 100+ bars across 8 days in Delhi. Over 10 passes for the Delhi Cocktail Week are passes are up for grabs.


  • Share the results on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #TripotoCocktail .
  •  Increase your chances of winning by tagging and inviting your friends.
  • The standard wristband/pass provides following privileges:
    1. Access to the Special Signature Cocktail Menu @Rs. 200 per drink all inclusive at all participating bars + Food/Pairing Offers.
    2. The Delhi Cocktail Week Handbook.
    3. Free Access to Exclusive DCW Events during the week.

Learn more about cocktail making, drinking and gaming here.

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