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”Travel Is All About Person-to-person Connections” States The World’s First Travel Blogger

Isn’t it amazing to have discovered a place that stays like a beauty spot in your life and generates a sense of personal belonging. Traveling demonstrates the beautiful paradox of stillness and motion where one is believed to get lost, following a story that is written to be read and inspire others.
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”I’m a digital nomad with no fixed address.” Insights from a Tech-savvy Globetrotter

In the midst of the crowd as you take a touristy walk around the city, you may notice someone with a heavy rucksack, curiously gazing eyes and a thirst to explore something new, a place or an idea that may not even be located on the map. A strange land triggers anxiety, which demands to be conquered and consequently procreates an amazing transition from moving around to be able to take root in a new place with like-minded people. Continue reading

Women push 8-pound babies out of their body. How’s that for toughness? says travel blogger, Annette

Rappelling to the depths of a cavern in Costa Rica, feeding stingrays in Caribbean, getting her hair pulled by monkeys in Honduras and swimming with whale sharks in Mexico, travel blogger, Annette, has undertaken some spine chilling adventure activities, and returned with a smile and plentiful stories.  Her blog, Bucket List Journey, has won numerous awards including the Independent Travel Blog Gold Medal Award by the North American Travel Journalists Association.  It is Annette’s fearlessness that makes her blog a must read for any travel enthusiast. Continue reading

How To Live A Life Of Travel – Travel Lessons By Dustin Main

‘’I think of travel like being a kid again.’’ Dustin Main’s skinny escape started as a young child, ricocheting from one insane adventure to another. Never realizing that soon the world he had definitely hoped to gollop will become a subset of his larger than life travel plans. As a serial entrepreneur and an extreme hiker, his love for high altitude is just as feisty and unique. Continue reading