Chadar Frozen Lake Trek: The One Thing You Should Do Before Winter Ends

Before the frosting winters and its splendid white silence of mind-numbing beauty conclude; get out of hibernation mode and put on your warmest layers to romanticize the last winter goodbye with a rush, an adrenaline rush.
Ladakh is where the horizon redefines your entire being, as you stand surrounded by the mammoth mountains that make your existence look insignificant, seize its intoxicating peaks and make this challenging Himalayan Odyssey your perfect winter vacation.

Every winter, Zanskar River that runs through the dramatic and vivid gorges of Ladakh turns from a cascading river to a frozen sheet of ice. This magical phenomenon is the chilliest and the most daring thing you’ll ever attempt.

Tripoto has listed down all you need to know deets for the epic Chadar (Frozen Lake) Trek.

When to do it?

The best time is NOW! From mid-January to February. Different trek organizers select different dates for the dates, so it is advised to choose wisely as the entire trek will be covered within the duration of 9-10 days.

Why you should do it now?

As beautiful and splendid is the view in Ladakh, Zanskar Valley will soon have road, which is accessible and helpful to the locals, but will diminish its charm. So, embark on a journey that you’ll never forget in summers for river-rafting and in winters for an ecstatic frozen lake trek.

What to pack?

Weight managing is a huge problem as you’ll be walking on a veil of ice. So, it’s best to buy a sturdy bag with a chest and a waist-belt as it will take the stress off your shoulders.

  • Buy a thick sleeping bag.
  • Insulated and waterproof boots. Keep an extra pair of woolen socks.
  • For whenever you need to walk on water, keep a pair of gumboots.
  • Buy ski pants instead of denims.


Useful Tips
  • People who wear glasses, wear contacts or photochromatic glasses. Sunglasses are mandatory for this trek.
  • Keep a personal toilet kit.
  • Carry spare batteries for your cameras because electricity in not available.
  • Buy a trekking pole.


Read a detailed itinerary here, ”The ultimate Chadar Trek”

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