15 Best Countries to Visit in 2015

Another new year, another wishlist of best countries to visit. Tripoto had a blast this year. Thousands of travel stories shared a million times over. Our little tribe of travelers continues to grow, travel and inspire millions around the world. Heartfelt thanks for being world’s most awesome travel community!

Each new year is a new reason to embrace wanderlust and explore the places unseen. Here’s Tripoto’s pick for the exciting countries to look out for in 2015.

1. Iceland

Places to Visit in 2015 : Countries to visit

Auster-Skaftafellssysla, Iceland (via)

Why – Proclaimed by some as a ‘modern utopia’, there is more to Iceland than icy winters and progressive politics. From the beautiful display of Northern lights in the winters and the lush green hillscapes in the summers, Iceland is our favorite country to visit in 2015

When – The best time to visit Iceland weather-wise is June-August. But if you are after the Northern lights, visit in the winter (November to February). Explore itineraries for Iceland

Do not miss – Take a road trip on Iceland’s Golden Circle for a jaw-dropping drive

2. Japan

Countries to visit in 2015 J

The Silent Bridge, Japan (via)

Why –  The land of the rising sun is where legends are born. In the wake of 2011 Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster, tourism has slid a little, but the enigma remains. Visit the country for a magical time, and for the traditions and the modernity.  Japan is a must-do in 2015

When – Spring and Autumn are the best time to visit Japan. (March to May and September to November)

Do not miss – Shirakawa-go village near Nagoya, a beautiful Japanese hamlet which can be visited throughout the year during the four seasons, Japan is one of the best countries to visit.

3. Italy

Countries to visit in 2015: Italy

Tuscany, Italy (via)

Why – Italy’s recent economic woes have made it more affordable to explore. This is the year to get your hands on a really good deal for your dream Italian escape.

When – April to June and Sept-Oct are good months for Italy. Get an even better deal on off-season travel. Explore Italy itineraries on Tripoto.

Do not miss – The villages of Tuscany. Visit Positano to experience the real colors of Italia.

4. Argentina

Countries to visit in 2015 : Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina (via)

Why – Awe-inspiring glaciers, gargantuan waterfalls, wild horses, gauchos and tango; The country is a classic travel destination , with a generous sprinkling of sensuality and adventure.

When – November to March are the best months to enjoy Argentina. Explore itineraries in Argentina.

Do Not Miss –  Los Glacieres National Park in Patagonia

5. Fiji

Countries to visit in 2015: Figi

Tokoriki Island, Fiji (via)

Why – For the best of the South Pacific Ocean. Fiji is a place where dreams come true. Water so warm and sparkly, it must be magic.

When – Anytime really, but November to April get stormy sometimes. Explore Fiji itineraries.

Do not miss – Fiji offers some Pacific’s most accessible dives and one of the best countries to visit. Head to the reefs off of Kadavu island to spot Manta Rays.

6. Sri lanka

Countries to visit in 2015: Srilanka

Hikkaduwa Beach, Sri Lanka (via)

Why – Sri lanka is classic Asia in all its ethereal beauty and its deep spiritualism. The country has emerged from a recent civil war but travelers have taken to it effortlessly. Elephants roam the untamed countryside and the beaches are popular with surfers and sea-lovers. Visit Sri Lanka for a truly immersive experience.

When – The best time to go to Sri Lanka is between December and March. Explore Sri Lanka itineraries.

Do not miss – The dazzling coral gardens of the Pigeon Island National Park

7. Singapore

Countries to visit in 2015: Singapore

Marina Bay, Singapore (via)

Why – Singapore is a exemplary urban marvel. State-of-the-art is an understatement for the public facilities, an incredible night life and a bustling food scene. With the world’s best airport, connected to every corner of the world, Singapore is a must-visit in 2015.

When – The best time to visit Singapore is January – March. Explore Singapore itineraries

Do not miss – The view of the skyline from Marina Bay

8. India

Countries to visit in 2015: India

Navratri in Gujarat (via)

Why – India is where rapid change and history co-exist in inscrutable harmony. Visit for an unforgettable spectacle of culture, set in a distinctly diverse landscape. India is one of the most colourful countries to visit.

When – Oct to March is the best time to visit for the best of India . Explore stunning itineraries in India

Do not miss – Leh in the northernmost Himalayan highlands for its stunning treks and high passes.

9. Botswana

Countries to visit in 2015 Tlokweng, Botswana

Tlokweng, Botswana (via)

Why – Iconic Africa. Spectacular, relatively ungentrified wildnerness. The absolute best place to experience a self-drive wildlife Safari.

When – May to September are perfect to experience the best of Botswana. Explore Botswana itineraries.

Do Not Miss – Camping out in the breathtaking Kubu Island

10. Barbados

Why – Often overlooked by travel magazines, Barbados is an ideal island destination with beautiful, lonely beaches and lovely, welcoming people. Bridgetown, is a UNESCO world heritage city for those looking for something more than a beach.

When –  The best time to visit Barbados is July to November, perfect for beach-side chilling and spectacular diving. Explore stunning Barbados itineraries.

Do not miss – Accra Beach, the largest beach in Barbados

11. Croatia

Places to visit in 2015

Dubrovnik, Croatia (via)

Why  - From luxury yacths to backpacker beach bars, Croatia’s eclectic travel scene is a buffet of culture, art and stunning natural beauty.

When – June and September are the best months to enjoy the best of weather and escape the summer tourist rush. Explore beautiful itineraries for Croatia.

Do not Miss – Windsurfing and other watersports in Zlatni Rat

12. Honduras

Places to Visit in 2015

Utila, Honduras (via)

Why – Honduras has come a long way since the contras and guerillas of the Central American Civil War. Visit for some of the best diving in the world, stunning American scenery and a rich cultural heritage.

When – December to May is perfect for exploring Honduras.

Do not Miss – Live in a beach hut in Utila in the Bay Islands to soak up the island’s backpacker vibe.

13. Mongolia

Places to visit in 2015

Cowgirls in Mongolia (via)

Why – The land of blue skies and adorable, rosy-cheeked children, Mongolia, attracts a certain kind of traveler. The scenic beauty is remarkable, and the indigenous culture transports you to a different time. Visit Mongolia for an assured, authentic experience before  it gets overrun.

When – Best time to visit Mongolia is in June and July during warmer weather. However, the winter landscape is breathtaking but remember to pack for the freezing cold. Explore amazing itineraries for Mongolia.

Do not miss – Ride the Trans-Mongolian Railway for a truly stunning visual experience.

14. New Zealand

Places to visit in 2015

Lake Wanaka, New Zealand (via)

Why – New Zealand is pretty much exactly like that place with pristine lakes and green hillsides where Hobbits hang out.  Visit for the stunning outdoors, the camper-van culture and abundant organic food.

When –  Spring (Sept – Nov) and Autumn (Feb – Apr) is the best time to go. Summer are warm and lovely, but overcrowded and expensive. Explore New Zealand itineraries by season on Tripoto.

Do not miss – Observe penguins in their wild habitat at Curio Bay in the South Island 

15. Oman

Places to Visit in 2015

Wadi Shab, Oman (via)

Why –  Oman is dotted with gorgeous canyons, beautiful caves and is blessed with stunning sand dunes and a beautiful coastline, despite being relatively untouristed. Oman is one of best countries to visit for adventure and culture in a world of its own.

When – The months from October to April are the best time to visit Oman. Explore Oman itineraries.

Do not miss – The unbelievably beautiful, secluded white sand beaches in Tiwi.


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  1. This list of top countries to visit is quite different. I like that the site has focused on the Caribbean and South American island countries. They look beautiful.

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  2. I hope these countries are not repeated in next year’s list. I travel regularly and look forward to new countries to visit. I think mentioning India (no offense) is becoming stale. There are other countries that should be highlighted.

  3. Mongolia and Oman on the list of top countries to visit? Quite surprising! I’d prefer probably Turkey and Morroco.

    There is so much more to discover in those place. I do like the other lists you guys have done in the past.

  4. I happened to visit Barbados in 2013. The place is as beautiful as it looks like in pictures. Good to know Tripoto decided to highlight the island. The energy of the locals and the beautiful views stay with me. Botswana sounds interesting.

    Maybe I will add it to my bucket list of countries to visit in the world.

  5. I like that the list is quite offbeat. Glad that Tripoto stayed away from listing tried and tested destinations. I think Hungary should have been listed. I have heard the country offers some fun stuff to do. Plus, the entire place is like a postcard.

  6. Maybe separate articles highlighting each country in the future? I want more specific information about Fiji. I have always wanted to visit the place. Can you also put me in touch with a few travellers who have been to the island country? Thanks!

  7. St Lucia sounds interesting. I think there are a few African countries that deserve mention. Although security could be an issue, I think the continent deserves to be highlighted for some of its places.

  8. I agree. A detailed look at these countries would help us plan our trips more efficiently. I am keep on visiting Honduras.

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