7 Fantasy Destinations Right Out Of the Silver Screen That Actually Exist

It takes an eccentric genius to inject a parallel universe into the minds of people. It is as if they travel together on a virtual tour to create unique languages and sheer magic with a mere swish of the wands.

Not so far away from the fragmentary figments of imagination, loosely structured train of thoughts and cluttered ideas, some creators have managed to pull off a stunt, or a trick that swung us wildly and quenched our reckless thirst for an alternative universe.
These fantasy destinations are just as impressionistic and picturesque, a world we geeky wanderers crave for.

We wandered off for a while at Tripoto and figured that if travelling means exploring then jump on the bandwagon for a magical ride to these fantasy destinations that will push you into a phenomenal time-lapse.
1. Batman climbed out of this surreal Step-well. Take a closer look for yourself at the Chand Baori in India.


A spine-chilling series of events, Gotham city and “The Dark Knight”. Where, the entire movie manages to leave us spellbound with its stunning direction. One of the most intriguing scenes was shot at one of the most surreal places in the world, Chand Baori. It is a step-well in Rajasthan, India. A weak look at it might just evoke Minecraft in mind, modelled in real life.  It is 100 ft deep into the ground and stands erect as one of the oldest and gorgeous of all landmarks in India.

2. The train that took all the witches and wizards to Hogwarts in the “Harry Potter” series is the Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scotland.


Consecrated with an unbelievably dramatic landscape, Glenfinnan Viaduct was the consummate background for the eerie Hogwarts express. It resonated a feeling of being more than just a Muggle and its alluring landscape framed the timeless gesture of awe and ecstasy. Glenfinnan Viaduct overlooks the highlands of the Glenfinnan Monument and Loch Shiel. The entire setting runs, as if by magic.

3. You shall pass all that is unreal and wonderful at Wellington and Matamata in New Zealand and be transported to the world of the Hobbits from the “Lord of the Rings”

Hobbiton, Matamata, New Zealandvia

Let’s face it, we all have wished to be a part of the unexpected journey taken by the Hobbit and own the magic of the preciouuus. Matamata and Wellington will open up a passageway to the wonderland of mysteries. The remains of the set will make you a part of the series as it aptly paints a vivid picture out of Tolkien’s elaborative words and semiotics.

4. Pandora’s Hallelujah Mountains from the movie “Avatar” bears an uncanny resemblance to the mystical mountains at the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China.


A three-dimensional imagery is an astonishing art that became a new medium to reach out to people. “Avatar” is undoubtedly a visual masterpiece that shunned everyone with its graphic performance on the big screen. Once an inaccessible land soon became a major tourist attraction, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park was the inspiration for the floating peaks of Pandora.

5. Witness the magical world of Carl and Russell from Disney’s move, “Up” at the Angel Falls in Venezuela.


Adventure is out there! No, it literally is. As the tallest waterfall in the world, it is obscurely enchanting. Paradise falls from Disney’s “Up” aka Angel Falls streams from the tabletop mountain known as Auyantepui. Trek to the Falls is rather tough as they are located in a dense secluded jungle. Avoid planning a trip during the dry season that is from December to March.

6. Searching for the “Kingdom of Corona”… Found in Normandy, France.

Mont Saint MichelCredits: Yann Pinczon du Sel 

Tangled’s fairy tale “Kingdom of Corona” takes the fantasy journey to another level. It is based off Mont Saint-Michel, which is an island commune in Normandy, France. It is stunningly established and one of the most visited landmarks in France.

7. The haunted road to the world of the “Game of Thrones” is in Northern Ireland.

Dark Hedges Monovia

In Ireland, we can promise you that you will never run out of photogenic locations. Like several of them, one of the most beautifully sinister places is the Dark Hedges. It is a breathtaking avenue of beech trees planted by the Stuart family in the eighteenth century to impress the foreign visitors. In the “Games of Thrones”, the avenue played a special appearance as the dark alley. This place is also believed to be haunted by the ‘’Gray Lady’’.

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