5 Game of Thrones Travelers we love. Which one are you?

Westeros is gearing up for the winter and everything it brings along. The walls are being protected and the thrones are being contested. There’s a lot of movement happening. And how. The world of Game of Thrones has some intriguing travel personalities that we, at Tripoto, would love to come across in real life. Here are our favorites. Read on and let us know if you are like any of these badass travelers.

Daenerys Targaryen

 The No-Bullshit Queen of Travelfolk!



You are the Khaleesi of the modern world. You travel with a single goal. Conquer every bit of land you can, as fast as you can. Your passport is an orgy of fading visas and hasty stamps. You walk through cities and make them your own, and you have a knack of picking up entire groups along the way. Throw in a cavalry of love-struck, middle-age men, and we have a travel love story like no other. You are compassionate and caring to most, but for people who piss you off, we got two words. Dracarys, mofos!! The world could do with more of your lot.

Tyrion Lannister

 Travel royalty of the worst kind.



Let’s make things clear right at the very beginning. You can’t be like Tyrion if you are anything but straight-up awesome. A wily talker, you are a loaded vagabond traveling on a Diplomatic passport of sorts. You travel with practiced disdain and a veteran tongue that gets you out of every bleak, forgotten corner you strive so earnestly to get yourself into. You, sir, are travel royalty of the worst kind. And we mean that in the best possible way. Keep on paying your debts and being the boss in literal showdowns. A tip of the hat to you.

Arya Stark

The accidental traveler who’s killing it now!



Nobody does it as well as her anymore. Well, almost. If you think you can manage to disguise, fight, walk your way through most of middle earth for a couple of years, then you might deserve the title of the most resilient Stark in the GOT universe. A fast learner, you have a deceptively sharp mind, and a personality to go along with it. You are also one to have the most unlikely of friendships. Like, seriously, who is friends with people they want to kill? Also, you are a master with all things slim, shiny, and pointed. A sword, people!

Sandor Clegane

The weary traveler who would love to settle down. But just can’t.



We don’t really get you, but the kind of travelled-out, perennially pissed nomad that you are, we know you don’t give a shit. All you need is to find the closest place that has a glacier of ale, a cauldron of stew, and a few heads to chop off. Well, the last bit is a little tricky in our day and age, but you are welcome for the Ale and Stew. You have seen more of the world than you wanted and now there’s nothing that surprises you anymore. Despite your near constant lurid expressions, you are a decent guy and are always up for helping the occasional damsel in distress. But, do try to smile once before the winter gets you crankier.

Jon Snow

The one who knows nothing.



Well, you know nothing. But, that’s all right. Or not. Your passport is an encyclopedia on the unknown, with all these ‘off-the-beaten-track’ countries you’ve been to. You are the torchbearer of ‘Obscurelandia’. You somehow find yourself in the thick of things wherever you go, and hitting it off with the locals is clearly your thing. But, be careful with the ‘accidental’ affairs that you are prone to. They might just kill you. Also, we know it’s bloody cold beyond the wall, but, dude, what’s with that expression you always have!



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