How Well Do You Really Know Ladakh?

Sure you love the place and dream about going there. But the most stunning stories from Ladakh are still unheard secrets. Its culture is still an unsolved enigma for many.

Let’s see how many do you know!

3 thoughts on “How Well Do You Really Know Ladakh?

  1. “What I like about photographs is they capture the moment which is gone forever, impossible to reproduce” .

  2. I visited ladakh last year in august by car which is eon from Hyundai it was very challenging driving a small car in that barren land.if you want to have the first glimpse which is truly magnificent then you should take manali- leh route only then you can say it was an adventurous will capture memories which are unforgetful stored in the little corner of your tiny mind. I am going this year and will be going every year till I take my last breath.I saw the unseen face of mother earth.its trully beautiful.

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