13 Places In India That Will Put Your Dream Destinations To Shame

by Gunjan Upreti

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. But before you set your heart on exploring the world, make sure you’ve enjoyed the serenity of these exotic, dream destinations closer home.

Here’s a snapshot of places in India which  will most definitely tickle your travel bone and remind you of their overseas counterparts. Of course! excluding the exorbitant travel expenses.

1. Before exploring the rolling green hills in Scotland,

Experience the beauty of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh.

2. Before enjoying a cup of tea at Boh Tea Plantation in Malaysia,



Find out how Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage in Munnar, Kerala.

Kerala Munnar Places in India


3. Before saying there’s no place like Switzerland in the World,



Soothe your Nerves and Calm your Soul in Gulmarg, Kashmir.

Gulamarg Kashmir Places in India


 4. Before getting smitten by Alaska’s scenic beauty,

Appreciate Auli in Uttarakhand for it’s Stunning Natural Vistas.

5. Sure, trekking in Overland Tracks Australia will expose you to stunning mountains,

But trekking in Ladakh will make you experience untouched landscape.

Ladakh Places in Inda


6. Dive as much as you can in Spain,

Because once the water in Andaman casts its spell on you, it will hold you forever.

7. Before enjoying the colorful display of tulips in Amsterdam,

Let the Tulips in Srinagar make you happy.

8.Before enjoying the beaches of Brazil,



Let the long and narrow stretch of Tarkarli in Maharashtra woo you.

Tarkali Beach Places in India


9. Before bowing down to Royalty at Windsor Castle in England,

Experience a Royal Treatment at Bangalore  Palace.

10. Before planning a Grand Canyon hiking,

Visit the gorge formed between Gandikota hills and the river Pennar in Andhra Pradesh.

11. Before calling Lazienki Palace extraordinary,

Let Lake Palace in Udaipur mesmerize you.

12. Before you cover The Great Wall of China,

Great Wall of China


Take a Heritage Walk at Kumbalgarh, Rajasthan



13.Before looking up at High-Rises in Singapore,

Look up and feel proud in Aamchi Mumbai.

We would love to hear about your experiences at such exotic India locations. Drop your comments below and share your travel stories with the Tripoto community.


134 thoughts on “13 Places In India That Will Put Your Dream Destinations To Shame

    1. Have visited munnar too good
      And even banglore
      Mumbai is my home town
      Others will be on my next destination list

  1. India is spectacular. I am not completely convinced by the high-rises of Mumbai though. They seem somewhat gloomy to me. Taking pride in what we have, though! The other images are breathtaking, and make me want to visit those places (soon!).

    1. I live close to Mandi the first pic here and the place is Prashar Lake. The view there is charismatic

    2. Agree with most of the places except mumbai….
      Munnar we hv been there and its awesome…similarly rothang pass..further up is ladakh rd……..
      Surely will plan cpl of places this year…

  2. The first 12 destinations. I completely agree.
    Don’t agree with the last point. Have stayed in both Singapore and Mumbai. Both are at opposite ends of a spectrum. Mumbai needs a lot of work. As soon as you visit the bottom of the sky scrappers in Mumbai you face the reality unlike Singapore which is well planned, organized and has a solid infrastructure back bone.

    1. Mumbai needs more 7 years and then u can experience what u want and yes I Live in Mumbai. I still believe u won’t get Mumbai’s night life of night 2am tea and pav bhaji on corners of street at late nights.

  3. Awesome and inspiring …. Thanks for sharing :)
    I am sooo glad to have done atleast one of the destinations ;)

  4. Vistit Twang in Arunachal Pradesh for its breathtaking mighty snow covered mountains. You surely will forget Switzerland and then complete your holy journey by Coming down and visiting the tea gardens in Assam and I am sure you will never be able to forget this experience of the northeast. Glad I had the oppurtunity.

  5. I don’t feel Kumbalgarh is that amazing as great wall of china. Kumbalgarh has a long wall after china’s great wall of china, but not much maintained. Even in the fort there is nothing inside, just keep climbing upto the top and then you don’t see anything inside.

    1. Even gr8 wall of china is not maintained tht much and nothing to explore in thr, it’s just a wall nothing else

    1. Sir,

      I stay in Gurgaon and have been to singapore also.

      Gurgaon needs another 10 Years to llok lik singapore. and the most imp gurgaon does not have sea view which mumbai might have

  6. Yeah….the places look so stunning and enchanting… These places are treat for the eyes. I will surely make d plan to cover atleast 3-4 places with in dis year only. I want to know inner line permit is necessary to enter arunachal pradesh and north east states. As north east is totally marvellous in nature. I want to go dere soon…

  7. Thanks for sharing this beauties of India. Definitely, I’m going to add to my travel list and make this visiting happen in coming years. Would definitely look forward to Andaman & Auli in the coming years first.

  8. I just got in love with the destinations………13 more destinations added to my destinations list…..Thank You So Much !!

  9. Yes I agree that India is as beautiful as other places in the world. But others have maintained their places so well which India is lacking in. Be it the routes to reach these places or the surroundings , cleanness there. India needs to improve on that. And its not only Govt. we the people living here can make a big difference.

  10. Don’t agree with the last one(Aamchi Mumbai).I wouldn’t prefer to stay there for more than a day.India,with a vast culture is a major attraction as a tourist destination.You can find different cultures as you travel from North to South or East to West.One can go to different parts of the country to explore various cultures depending upon their interest,for wildlife,lakes,beaches,hill stations,adventure tourism etc.

  11. The Golden Temple Amritsar, Pangong Lake & Umaid Bhawan have capacity to beat the top tourist attractions of this World !

  12. Before dreaming about Rome, Take a break at Hampi, Karnataka.

    Every stone here have a story to tell and was richest empire in India :)

  13. No doubt that India has a lot to explore but before we say we are the best, let us see what we have to offer a tourist in terms of experience and facilities. We should admit that we have very bad facilities and equally bad law and orde issues. While rest of the world markets and develops a location and offers an experienc to the tourists. Take Andaman for example, loveliest beaches but lousiest facilities for water sports, adventure sports and horrible inter&intra island transportation

  14. One of the biggest reasons to go abroad is not sight seeing but cultural exchange. There is a lot that can be learnt from the food, customs and lifestyle of foreigners. Of, course Switzerland has similar landscape as the indian himalayas, possibly inferior as well. But it has trains that are on time to the second. It has a history of always remaining neutral across many conflicts and wars. It knows an awful lot about exporting luxury (watches, knives, chocolates etc etc). It has an amazing banking system. There is so much to learn from cultures abroad and take back to india. That’s why one should go abroad, and this is just switzerland. Each of these places are worth visiting for their respective cultures.
    IMO this post is very silly

    1. Well, India too has multiple cultures and religions living in harmony. It has a rich history and genius art and craft commissioned by kings in the form of sculptures, palaces and various performing arts. Indians are kind and hospitable. etc. etc. We are the largest democracy and didn’t succumb to dictatorship or military rule like its neighbours. If Switzerland has its pluses, India has hers.

      Most places abroad are marketed well. The post wanted to show that there are equal and better parallels in India, sight-seeing-wise. By visiting these places and popularising them among Indians and thus boosting infrastructure, eventually foreigners could also come and spread word.

  15. India is incredible … We are not doing enough to highlight the beauty of our motherland … Also, I am not too sure about
    Experiencing a Royal Treatment at Bangalore Palace & the gorge formations in the Gandikota hills and the river Pennar in Andhra Pradesh.

  16. I agree..
    of the above..I hv travelled kashmir in winters..itz btr than scotland..
    hv visited england..
    hv visited andamans..itz beaches are damn butiful and I had been to mumbai as well..:)

  17. Hey..its very beautiful.. dis is d real India ..incredible India.. proud to be Indian.. n u plz share dis thing to front of d world.. its gud fr our Travels company n common people to see dis… thnx!

  18. Been to mandi and this floating island prashar lake is now my dream destination. Been there 3 times at different time of the year. Now planning a hike expedition in winter snow. Fingers crossed.

    1. Prashar lake is 40-50 KM away from Mandi city. Due to heavy snowfall and tough terrain, dont plan to visit this place in winters and monsoons. Summer is the best time and check the local conditions before you plan the visit

  19. I completely agree with the list. India is really incredible, we need to just be aware of it and take efforts to explore it!

  20. Please share this list with all movie industries (Bolloywood, Tollywood(Telugu), Tamil) in India. As they are the main source who encourages places out of India (lots of revenue out flow), whereas we have everything in India……

  21. A nice list which tempts me to visit all of them. Thanks… I agree with many posts regarding Aamchi Mumbai. Singapore is the best liveable city in all of Asia while you cannot say that of Aamchi Mumbai. I have been to both places.

  22. Those are stunning photos. I am amazed at the tulip fields and the castles.

    I’m a Filipino. An Indian friend of mine has been telling me about the beautiful places in India. Visiting that country is definitely included in my bucket list.

    However, the photo of Tarkarli doesnt seem to impress. It only showed the sea with a boat in it. And the Mumbai skyline doesnt compare much to Singapore.

  23. I do agree we hv far more scenic places. However the plastic, filth, dirty toilets and expensive flights, put you off. Lack of proper infrastructure…quality roads, consistent power supplies, high taxation, have not helped hoteliers to give our guests a premium holiday. We have 2 niche properties in Southern India..Grassroots in Wayanad, Kerala & Red Earth in Kabini, Karnataka. Both superb locations. However with a bit of support from the Government, we could definitely offer world class service. For one there should be a panel to ensure only the best hotels within each range is given permission to operate. Based on the area, there should be a limitation to the no. Of properties that come up. Quality. Vehicles and trained naturalist who speak English, should be mandatory in all safaris. The safaris bookings should be fair and online with no interference whatsoever. We have a beautiful country & people in our industry who can offer world class service, if only the Government would wake up

    1. I totally agree with this comment. India has lot to offer but still we are waiting for that approach of sincerity to customers in travel and reaching destinations, good roads scenic surroundings etc which has to be man made … Easy approach is a must which is in place in other countries mentioned here.. and hope we will reach der soon …

  24. You have missed dandeli which will absolutely make it to the list one of the best places in world,I travel the world and i am damn sure the only peacefull place is dandeli in Karnataka

  25. A beautifully crafted comparative Indian scenic wonders… Hopefully it diverts my attention to the exploration of my own country 1st rather than wooing places abroad

  26. A beautifully crafted comparative Indian scenic wonders… Hopefully it diverts my attention to the exploration of my own country 1st rather than wooing places abroad…

  27. It is really necessary to get more of such well worded, appealing lists! This a job well done. But we have so much more. It’s sad we have to market these slices of heaven. But in today’s world it’s necessary. North bengal, sundarbans, madhya pradesh – just to name a few has soo much to offer. For r travellers, India is the best to explore. It’s rich in every way n doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket !

  28. Very nice job done but I guess It’d be better if post author does not compare such destinations. Every place has it’s uniqueness and if people knew about these places I am sure many would love to go there.

  29. have made this my checklist. Its going to be some years to visit all these places. Till then you better keep this page up !

    And yes, thanks a lot for compiling this list. Appreciate the hard work you’ve put in compiling this list.

  30. Can anyone find me an agent who can book me a trip to all these places in India in one package ?

  31. Disappointed not to see any North east locations on the list. They are extremely beautiful and probably dont even come close to locations in other countries

  32. Palaces and heritage hotels in India are definitely the best in the world…Switzerland is overhyped but I don’t agree with Amsterdam and Singapore…You got to see the tulips in Amsterdam to compare that to anything else in the world…its spectacular….and Singapore skyline is definitely not among the best in the world….Manhattan, SF, Seattle, Chicago, Vancouver and Melbourne for instance are far better..but Mumbai doesn’t even come close to any of these…
    Also Andaman and Lakshdweep has the best beaches in India and even they dont close to beaches in Philippines or many other small island nations in Indian and Pacific oceans..

  33. I think Sikkim, Gangtok should also be in the list. Don’t you all think so.. I think the tea estates, tiger hill, pelling, K2, monastries….etc..

  34. You had given a different view towards our country. What you had shown is awesome, I will definitely share this…

  35. Before exploring Amazon, check the largest mangrove in Sunderban… taste the exotic tea in darjeeling.. check the heritage of Sikkim… the beauty if assam.. there are so much..

  36. They do looking stunning. But the main problem for female travellers in India is “Safety”. I sure would love to explore these places but considering how recent safety issues for women have raised drastically, i am a bit worried to travel to these places. I have travelled to most of the abroad places shown here and never had to worry about my safety. Hope things will change soon for the better!

  37. I have explored more places then above and i agree , India is much beautiful then other places abroad

    The first place shown above “Mandi” also called lake Parashar has historic and Scientific values. The floating Island in between is really worth mesmerizing

    Northeast places like Meghalaya and deep interiors of Arunanchal is worth seeing.

    Issue is we lack marketing our Indian Tourism . What is always shown is Goa Beaches or Royal Palaces of Rajasthan

    We need to improve more on marketing our Indian Tourism

  38. You had given a different view towards our country. What you had shown is awesome, I will definitely share this…

  39. Well these were already on my list couple of them planned for this year…and Udaipur, Kumbalgarh forts have been ticked last year :) truly amazing places to be.

  40. To those of you who did not like Bombay (& by the way, it is B O M B A Y & NOT mumbai ), have you seen the new airport ?? Well, we are talking about 13 million people who are trying to stretch their legs in a small area. Situation won’t change overnight, but it’s changing & is happening for the best. Thousands are still pouring in to Bombay everyday from other parts of India to make a living, making it difficult for authorities to manage. Well, fellow Indians have to survive as well, somewhere. I don’t know if the new governments have been helpful yet ??? God Bless all.

  41. seriously… enchanting pictures…<3 m pleased by seeing such commendable places..nd feeling proud that such awesome places are in INDIA :D

  42. Have been to Auli, but please comparing it with Alaska is such a disgrace. Alaska is one of those places where the history of this earth is written all over.

  43. My only concern about travelling to these wonderful destinations is that I am a woman and I would be concerned about travelling alone.

  44. india is a beautiful country with ugly , selfish and filthy dirty people who breath corruption day in and day out, so do not compare India with any other

  45. awesome pics! Proud to be an Indian and from Kerala and live in Mumbai! One destination from Kerala and two from Maharashtra! yoohoo! :)

  46. Awesome pics and Proud to be an Indian. Three destinations make me really happy , one from Kerala where I belong to and two from Maharashtra where I am living now. wow!

  47. I agree there is no place like India and we have all the beautiful places which totally whole world can offer. I have to most of the places mentioned here and I noticed one thing how so ever beautiful place there is we Indians are not ashamed in dirtying that place.

    We have no respect for beauty. In pehelgaum and gulmarg people eat food in those places and then throw the remainings. Seriuosly disgusting attitude, we don’t know how to take care of these things.

    So finally, I am urging people please don’t spread litter at these places and if somebody else is doing please stop them also.

  48. great comparison around the world to look what you really missing in India need
    real people means to care love the nature who can bring infrastructure

  49. Agreed… I have been to Auli top, gulmarg, Srinagar, udaipur, mandu in Maharashtra.
    Do visit ‘ valley of fowers’ in uttarakhand..its beautiful.
    India is beautiful

  50. Before you Visit Niagra Falls Visit Gokak Falls in August. One has to get down at Ghataprabha Station in Belgaum Miraj Train Route

  51. True India is full of natural beauty but one thing it lacks is infrastructure, safety, and facilties. Iv been to more than 15 countries in 4 different continents but one thing is for sure that v feel safe even if v take public transport at night or walking secluded place that one thing which lacks in India.

  52. Totally agreed! But instead of Bangalore palace, Mysore Palace would have done the good job. I hail from Assam, and have been staying in Bengaluru since 3 years. Should take North East beauty also into account, and last but not the least – Darjeeling. Coorg also has beauty in it. All together, India is awesome. Proud to be an Indian.

  53. Yes I agree India has very nice and interesting places. I have been very often in India as a tourist. Nevertheless comparing is not so easy because places out of India are always very calm, places in India extreme noise – honking is going on as soon as the first people arrive with any vehicle. Something you will never recognize in any of the other mentioned countries. When you go in the nature in the other countries you will see nature, in India a lot of empty plastic bottles and other rubbish is along your way. There is still a long way to go for India even if there have extreme interesting places all over the country.

  54. Perfectly showed the beauty :) India is always a beautiful country to enjoy peace and family vacations. Infact, there are more places like Coorg in Karnataka, Yercaud in Tamil Nadu, Ashtamudi in Kerela, ofcourse Gangtok and Darjeeling and no doubt, Leh & Ladakh….the list of the places is endless…India is really Awesome if one wants too explore (y)

  55. Mumbai is choking to death slowly due to lack of green spaces compared to the density of people who dwell in it. Also many historic buildings in India are being repaired with cement & concrete instead of the original material by the ASI. Is India obsessed with cement?

  56. All beautiful places…wish travelling was safer here for the females alone, here in India…i feel much safer abroad…however, i have strong desire to travel across India :)

  57. Yup
    that was awesome.
    We get so caught up in discovering other places, that we forget what our country holds in our midst!!!!!

  58. I am living in uttarakhand and it is damm true that auli is amazing place beautiful scenic and covered with snow and Himalayan beauty

  59. I hv been to Srinagar tulip garden, Gulmarg, Munnar and Andaman.. Its really breath taking.. Anybdy ll hv an osumful experience.. India holds frm freezing snow to burning sun. Mountain covered wit snow to coastal beach. Incredible India !!

  60. Have you visited the north east? Shillong is known as the Scotland of India. And Tawang? The Northeast has the most beautiful scenery and it ain’t even mentioned here! People outside India know more of us than people inside India! About the places mentioned here, hell yes they’re beeeaaaauutiful. No doubts!

  61. It’s also about the weather. Weather can have an affect on the mood. That’s where most of the places here are of lesser liking.

  62. Thanks for sharing… I am an adventurer you just suggested me my next couple of holidays destinations…

  63. Loved your compilation. Had the same mindset, would run abroad for vacations having not explored India much but since the time I visited Leh, Ladhakh and Rajasthan( Udaipur, a Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur, ranthambore) I have been totally mesmerized by the mystic and unexplored beauty in our country. At one side drop dead gorgeous mountains and breathtaking views up north and on the other hand royal palaces, unique structures and deep routed cultural display..
    Other beautiful places that I have on my list are Rann of kutchh, andaman islands, Kashmir valley, Sikkim and may go on adding the list.

    A request to all, pls stop saying kashmir is like Switzerland or Leh is like capadoccia .. Seriously there is no comparison

  64. beautiful.

    Must Go.

    And look at you all non mumbaikars getting jealous coz delhi isn’t in the list.

    There is no place like mumbai and no better friend than a true mumbai kar.

  65. its the ppl in India and their inhospitable attitude that ruins the experience..we don’t know how to treat visitors here

  66. Yeah. Nice article… True about kumbalgarh fort. Its really huge and awesome. True regard to Udaipur lake palace its a wonder! Bangalore palce also is a nice one. Munnar no place gets closer to its scenic beauty. Also must watch is Kanyakumari and the calmness of suratkal beach near Mangalore.

  67. Other beautiful places that I have on my list
    are Rann of kutchh, andaman islands,
    Kashmir valley, Sikkim and may go on
    adding the list.

  68. Its really a good blog on Trip to world. I appreciate your article. Discover the outside world and collect information through our site. This blog is really helpful to give a light in this issue. So thanks for sharing all that important information.

  69. Thanks for the detailed info…

    Covered these three:

    Bangalore Places
    Gandikota Hills

    Will be covering these within next month

    Bangalore Places
    Gandikota Hills

    7 more pending :-(

    Will try to cover all these 13..

  70. Hi, this is great, you have done a good work.
    I want to give my comments too
    Since when were simple barges used to transport rice and other goods from the isolated interior villages to the cities on the Arabian Sea coast, the houseboat of Kerala have come a long way. With the advent of roads, bridges and ferry services, Kettuvallom gradually disappeared to return in the past decades as a tourist attraction and source of income for thousands of people. Today, a cruise on a houseboat around the famous Backwaters is a major tourist attraction of this state of southern India.

  71. “Hi, this is great. You have done a wonderful job.
    I also want to share my experience
    The town where the lagoon, the green heart of the country, formerly large shopping center, was a harmonious mosaic of cultures, influences, and beliefs. It ‘true that in India religion follows you everywhere and its pluralistic identity is revealed in every corner, but the impact of Cochin was offering an unimaginable scenario. There are no barriers in this region where modernity is not synonymous with urbanization and pollution such as in the Delhi or Mumbai.

  72. “Hi,
    This is great. You have done a wonderful job.
    I also want to give my comments
    Being a state tradition, the houseboats are the testimony of the largest marine engineering skills of the people of Kerala. In the construction of these flat and heavy boats, up thirty meters wide and up to four, it is not used a single nail and all the materials for the construction, -Wood Anjili and teak, bamboo and coconut, comes from the place. The axes forming the compartment are held together by ropes of coconut fiber and painted with a black resin, obtained from cashew nut shells of boiled, that acts as a protective coating.”

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