8 Places to Stargaze in India – Fulfill your Interstellar dreams

Stargazing is not just for scientists and astrophotographers. There are few experiences as humbling and enthralling as beholding a clear, starry night sky. The outer-space shines on, night after night, from light years away, waiting to be discovered.

In a world where light pollution is actually a thing, it can be a challenge to find a place away from the city glow to explore the night sky. Tripoto has put together a guide to witness the infinite beauty and the ineffable vastness of the cosmos that we share with the stars. Few places to stargaze in India:

1.  Nubra ValleyLeh Ladakh

Credits: Pushkar via flickr Places to stargaze in India

The Milky Way in Nubra Valley (Credits: Pushkar via flickr)

2. SonmargJammu & Kashmir

 Sonmarg Places to stargaze in India

The Milky Way in Sonmarg (Credits: Neelima Vallangi via flickr)

3.  CoorgKarnataka

Coorg Places to stargaze in India

The Milky Way in Coorg. Credits: Nilesh via flickr

4. Neil Island – Andaman & Nicobar

Milkyway Galaxy as seen from Neil Island India starrgaze

Night Sky from Neil Island. Credits: Neelima Vallangi

5. Shahapur – Maharashtra

Stargaze Maharashtra

Star Trail with the Pole Star. Credits: Harshad Sharma via flickr

6. Pangong TsoLeh, Ladakh

7. Shanti Stupa – Leh, Ladakh

Credits: Pushkar via flickr

Star Trail and Shanti Stupa. Credits: Subhankar Saha via flickr

8. Spiti ValleyHimachal Pradesh

Spiti Valley Astro

The Himalayan Night Sky. Credits: Pratap J (via)

To help you plan your first stargaze night-out, here are a few simple tips
  1. Watch the moon: Get familiar with the Lunar Calendar. New moon is the absolute best time to stargaze.
  2. Weather: Preferably clear sky with minimal clouds and slow wind speed.
  3. Where: Get as far away as possible from a city. Chase darkness.
  4. Equipment: Carry light weight astro-telescope or DSLR camera with wide-angle zoom lens (Optional).
  5. Mobile App: Download Google Skymap App to locate stars, constellations, planets and pole star.
  6. Travel accessories: Carry camp tents, torch and food for the night.
  7. Research: Do your research on movements of stars, planets, comets and moon.
Got it then? Now onwards to the stars!  Apart from our handpicked favorites, you can stargaze in India from anywhere with minimal light and air pollution. Satiate your astronomical wanderlust and share your experience and beautiful pictures with the Tripoto community.

19 thoughts on “8 Places to Stargaze in India – Fulfill your Interstellar dreams

  1. Nice article but I would say you have missed the most dark place in India which is ideal for stargazing, and that is the white desert of Kutch in Gujarat. I reside in Kutch and I have been doing visual astronomy as well as astrophotography since a few years. From Kutch I can see nearly 6 magnitude stars through the naked eye.

  2. This list should also include Katao, near Gangtok. Real clear sky, amazing view of stars, best I have seen in my life.

  3. You missed the place from where aryabhatta used to do stargazing..tarengana in bihar.its name only means the group of stars. Scientists from various countries came there to see the much talked about solar eclipse in year 2009

  4. There could many more to this list.
    For people from Kolkata or the surroundings, I’d like to mention Mandarmani for star gazing.
    This year around Mahalaya (new moon) I’ve witnessed the mesmerizing night sky from this place.. It being a quiet tourist destination by the Bay of Bengal with almost zero pollution, could be one of best location for star gazing.

    1. Hello Sir,
      I & my friends are visiting Manali on mid november,2015. Can you suggest a place there where we can see Milky way galaxy & capture it?

  5. The most beautiful place for stargazing has been missed out. Sunderbans doesn’t only have a beautiful clear sky with shooting stars being spotted almost every 10 minutes, but an added bonus very unique to this place is the water below containing bioluminescent bacteria which is just magical. So you are under the sky and at the same time sailing over it.

  6. India is the second most crowded country in the world. It is located in Asia. It has largest democracy in the world. India is a land of villages and peace loving country. Tajmahal, the Golden Temple, the Red fort, Mumbai, Goa and Delhi are some interesting places to see in India.

  7. Wow, stargazing must be one of the activity that I am eager to do but sad to say that in our place, you can’t do it that easy because it is not that perfect place. So lucky I found this blog and gave me hint on where to do the perfect stargazing and yes, India is the spot. So excited to be there and experience this Stargazing with my love. Thanks for this.

  8. Wow! What an amazing view. Ladakh boasts of some of the clearest night skies in India. The view of clear skies from the Shanti Stupa makes it a great spot for stargazing. For the more adventurous ones, visit the Hanle Observatory for a heavenly experience. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. :)

  9. I have seen the Niel Island sky.
    Its pretty gorgeous with uncountable stars.
    As the people of the island go off the to sleep pretty early the numerous stars begin to glow like luminiscent creatures above our head.
    I haven’t seen any view as that.
    But sad to have missed out the Milky Way :’(

  10. Is it possible to have this sight anywhere near punjab ? Or near himachal pradesh

  11. Can somebody guide me about New Moon calender?
    Is it same for all the places in India or different for every place ?
    I wish to see this beauty of night sky.
    Pls guide me..!!

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