9 Coolest Portable Tents Every Traveler Must Know About

A cozy portable tent and an evening bonfire is an exotic and a memorable travel experience. Who doesn’t love to camp near jungles, beaches, and mountains?  To pitch a tent is just one part of the story, but to deal with soggy floors and insects can really spoil the fun.

Now you can kiss goodbye to old school tents, get these classy portable tents and enjoy hassle free stay in camps. We at Tripoto have curated a list of the coolest portable tents that can completely change the way you camp.

1. Portable Tree House

Tensile Tree tents big Portable tentsvia

These Tensile tree tents are also called “Portable Tree houses” and live up to the hype. Tensile tents are ideal for Wildlife camps.

tensile tree tents Portable tentsvia

2. Luxury BubbleTree Tents

These little transparent luxury bubble tents are perfect to experience nature or sleep under the stars. Nothing beats the experience of watching the night sky while camping in a cozy transparent tent on top of a mountain or next to a calm beach.

3. Cliff Facing  Portable Tents

Mountaineers and rock climbers can hang these small portable tents to experience extreme camping thrill on the edge of a cliff. You can occasionally spot rock climbers and hikers camping in these portable tents on the edge of the cliff.

4. Portable Tents on Truck

When you are on a road trip with family or friends these utility portable tents on trucks can come handy. You can setup a tent on the truck on the go.

5. Cocoon Tree Hanging Tents

Your old school tents might collapse or you keep falling out of a hammock, however, these Cocoon Tree Hanging tent is quite stable and can be easily hung from anywhere. The round base of the Cocoon ensures a comfortable stay.

6. Floating Teepee on a raft

If you enjoy chilling out on a calm lake or river then camping in a teepee on a floating raft would be quite an adventure.

(Disclaimer: You may have to take permission from local government authorities before you plan put up a Teepee in a lake.)

7. Tailgator SunShade

Tailgators are not exactly tents however a must have travel gear for travelers who are always on the move. You can attach this small portable tent  behind your van or utility vehicle and enjoy your meal during family trips.

8. Roomoon Tents

How about a Luxury camp in a Roomoon tent that makes you feel like you are hanging inside a balloon. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience nature from a neat balloon shaped hanging tent.

9. Camping Hammock Tents

It is a lightweight, weather resistant, and insect free hammock. It is a must have portable tent for solo travelers who love backpacking.

Apart from handpicked classy portable tents you are free to design your own tent. If you have other interesting ideas, then drop us your comments below and share your wicked camping experiences on Tripoto.