10 Awesome Reasons Why Hyderabad Has Spoilt You Forever

Some cities are like people, they age gracefully. They evolve and expand beautifully whilst keeping their culture and history intact. Hyderabad is one such destination in India that will render you speechless with its architectural marvels and time that runs at its own pace. Against all odds, experience a laidback life only to enjoy its essence and embrace its regal charm with all that this city has to offer, which is something quite larger than life.

Tripoto has culled a list of reasons why Hyderabad has spoilt you forever. Read on for a Royal Rendezvous!

1. Hyderabad represents a brilliant binary of the past shadows of fascinating stories that linger in the present and a place where you transcend the limits of time in Cyberabad of the cyber age.

Charminar Hyderbad
IlabsOval Hyderabad Cybercity

2. Because these Nawabi delicacies are culturally iconic for a reason. Haleem and Biryani will make your mouth water and Hyderabad is just the right place to enjoy it.

Haleem Hyderabad

3. Because World’s tallest monolith of Gautam Buddha is here and it’s breathtakingly beautiful.

gautama buddha monolith hyderabad(via)

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4. Because we are spoilt for choice when it comes to abundant long weekend getaways, the lure is architectural marvels and lush oasis.

9261017700_8b5c8670fe_k via (Bidar Fort in Karnataka; 2 hours drive away from the city) ”A perfect place for photography junkies”  

5. Because if your flight gets delayed, you go karting. Yes, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport has its own open go karting track. The only one in the world.

Go Karting at Hyderabad Airport

6. Because Ramoji Film city! The largest film city in the world.

Ramoji Film City Hyderabad

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7. Because Prasad’s IMAX theatre is visionary and promises to deliver a larger than life experience for movie buffs.

Prasad-Imax- Hyderabad
via  (It is the single most popular IMAX theatre and second largest IMAX 3D screen in the world.) 

8. Because ‘’keep calm’’ is just too mainstream to get things done. So,  you better stick with the local lingo, ‘’light lo yaaro’’.
9. Because Hyderabadis have their way to chill out and dance the night away. Either at the fancy Necklace Road or at the Oh-so Posh Jubilee hills, make the most of your time when in the city of pearls.
10. Still contemplating what’s larger than life? Dine like royalty at one of the grandest Palaces in the history of mankind. Taj Falaknuma Palace spills opulence in all its glory.

Taj Falaknuma Palace Hyderabad
via (From its unique Jade collection, notable oil paintings to the largest collection of Venetian chandeliers in the world; Falaknuma Palace is to India what Buckingham Palace is to England.) 

Feeling the pride yet? If you think we have missed anything interesting, drop us your comments below and share your amazing travel experiences on Tripoto.

15 thoughts on “10 Awesome Reasons Why Hyderabad Has Spoilt You Forever

  1. You need to add Karachi fruit biscuits to your list on hyderabad. Cause the moment you tell someone you are from Hyderabad the first thing people ask me about is the famous fruit biscuits n of course not forgetting Abhi ruching which is closed now and Paradise biryani.

    1. Osmania biscuits!!!!! fruit biscuits are not hyderabadi although karachi sell.

      Paradise is just one place where you get Hyderabadi biryani…paradise biryani is wrong although ppl use it….

      Apart from what you mentioned, there are many other delicacies such as kaddu ka kheer, paaya, khubani ka meeta and double ka meeta

  2. One car museum is der having different type & different shapes of car in hyd….. plz add dat the best place to visit in hyd…

    1. Not sue how,one can missed out the most famous Golconda Fort the Shaan of Hyderabad which was built more than 850 years back. Golconda Fort is one of the Heritage monuments declared by ASI and drawing the highest number of visitors in a any given day in Hyderabad.

  3. How about the Salarjung museum? It is the largest one man collection in the world! It houses The world famous veiled Rebecca, the night watchman and ‘soap bubbles’ – all priceless works of art, deeply revered around the world!

  4. You must mention Hyderabad Cupcakes too! The first ever cupcake place in Hyderabad to introduce the trend of cupcakes & cake pops!

  5. declicious roat made by subhan bakery at nampally and shah ghous mutton biryani .. how the hell you missed these !!

  6. Oh, Birla Mandir was truly amazing to me. A genuine spiritual place. I agree with others, though. Golcanda Fort and Karachi bakery are also spoils of Hyderabad.

  7. superb hyderabad, there is a best places in hyderabad overall india i like hyderabad only

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