7 Extreme Running Events in India Every Runner Must Attempt

Many seasoned runners have finished enough Delhi half and Mumbai full marathons for one lifetime. They are now looking for a different running events, a new trail and scenic locations to test themselves. Before you set your eyes upon Badwater and Great Divide race on foreign shores, it makes sense to try your legs and mental toughness at some of the most bad ass running events in India 2015.  Fortunately, there are some amazing trails and diverse terrains in India to explore. At Tripoto, we love to discover a new destination by taking a walk or a run. Here is our list of running events in India every runner must set their foot on.

1: The Ultra India Race, Munnar

Munnar running events in India
When: January 21st-25th

This 200 kilometer run criss-crosses its way through tea plantations and spice cultures in the midst of the mountains of Munnar. The ultras run with a backpack that contains their compulsory equipment and food for the day. Green pastures and serene lakes provide comfort to the runners in this five-day long running event.

2: Auroville Marathon

Auroville running events in India
When: February 8th

The two aspects that make Auroville marathon an exciting option are its proximity to Pondicherry and the scenic route that goes through the small town and forests. The terrain at this running event is ever changing and challenging. You will come across dirt trail and tarmacs aplenty. Moreover, the route goes around the iconic Matrimandir in the heart of the town.

3: Run the Rann, Dholavira

Rann running event in India
When: February 6th

This run takes place in India’s biggest salt desert, Rann, and tests the participants by virtue of the harsh climate, rugged terrain and vast salt marshes. Over three days, the runners circle the ruins of Dholavira. The race is divided into (21kms, 42, kms, 101 kms and 161 kms).

4: The Himalayan Crossing

Himalaya running events in India
When: June 27th-31st

A runner must have completed two 100 km+ running events in the past 12 months to qualify for the Himalayan Crossing. This gives you the taste of what is in store at this 338 km run. The starting elevation is 2792 meters and maximum being 4554 meters. The trail goes over the Kunzum pass and ends at one of the toughest pass on the planet-The Rohtang La.

 5: Ladakh Marathon

ladakh running events in india
When: September 13th

The world’s highest marathon takes place in the Ladakh region. The trail goes through the stunning Leh valley and  offers vistas of virgin mountains, rivers and valleys. The Ladakh marathon is a pleasure to the eye even though it comes with the challenge of running at 11,500ft. It is divided into 7km, Half Marathon,  Marathon, and the ultra-marathon (72 km) called the Khardungla Challenge.

6: Bhatti Lakes Ultra

Bhatti lakes ultra running events in India
When: October 2-4th

Set around the abandoned mine lakes of Bhatti, this race is set on one of the toughest terrains in India. The trail begins at the Kant Enclave development of Suraj Kund, Faridabad, right on to the New Delhi border. There is an option to run from 50, 80, 100, and 220 kilometers. The brave hearts can attempt a 24-hours non-stop run.

7: Nilgiri Ultras

NIlgiri Ultra running events in India
When: December 5th

This began as a women only ultra and saw the addition of a men’s race in the subsequent year. The run begins at midnight and offers a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise from the hills. It is set in the Nilgiri hills and trail passes through scenic views and mist laden clouds.

Have you finished these runs? Leave a comment below about your experiences or tell the Tripoto community about other exciting trails. Discover amazing travel stories and itineraries on Tripoto or share your own stories and inspire millions of travelers around the world.

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