That One Place in Each State of India You Didn’t Know Existed – Part II

The joy of discovering a hidden place, in the middle of many touristy locations, can’t be expressed in words. To experience a lesser known location and come back with stories gives travelers unlimited happiness and thrill.

In the past one year, the Tripoto community has revealed many such places in 29 states and seven territories across India. To kick start the new year, we have collated the list of one such unique place in each Southern State from over 50,000 travel stories shared on Tripoto. Make the most of it!!

1. Gokarna in Karnataka



“Labeled as Goa’s shy sister, this serene coastal temple town of Gokarna in Uttar Karnataka is quiet and a perfect getaway from everyday chaos and crowd.

Just four hours away from its much visited and celebrated neighbor, Goa, heading down to Gokarna will wind you up amidst virgin beaches and breathtaking landscapes. Gokarna features as a destination for an ardent pilgrim but it is as much a must-visit destination for a beach lover looking for the best beach vacation. With 360 degree views of the pristine, unspoiled beaches, swaying palm trees and extremely exquisite tropical flowers, it’s surprising how Gokarana hasn’t made it to the top of popularity polls. But I guess that is what makes this place such an elegant treasure, nestled peacefully away from prying eyes.”

Where Religion meets Serenity: Gokarna, Karnataka by Riya Poojary

2. Kollam in Kerala

“The towns like Kollam are not just the melting pots of different cultures and ethnicities; they have splendid untapped and unseen beauty which seems to be fading under the sheen of much populated tourist destinations. The town is known for cashews, coir and other agricultural products also, and a blend of communities of Christians, Muslims and Hindus and Anglo-Indians. The town is place to some of the most beautiful temples, churches and mosques.

Thangassery was an enclave of the Portuguese, Dutch and British in succession bearing historical importance, with old 18th century churches, light house and remnants of Portuguese and Dutch forts. The lighthouse (open 3-5 PM) gives panoramic view of the entire town. Thangassery Cathedral / Infant Jesus cathedral is a must see place.”

Kollam: The less-known side of Kerala by Munish

 3. Gingee in Tamil Nadu

“Gingee lies almost midway between Chennai and Pondicherry and it’s close to a two hours drive from the latter. The town is located between three hills and the most famous attraction of this otherwise nondescript town is the Gingee Fort. Gingee Fort (also known an Senji, Jinji, Senchi or Chenji) is one of the few surviving forts in Tamil Nadu and was tipped as the “most impregnable fortress in India” by the Maratha ruler Shivaji and the British were so kind as to call it the Troy of the East.

Before the climb I had read the ASI description about the fort being impregnable, but I truly understood the meaning when I got on top and realized that there was a real draw-bridge across a massive crevice which separated the actual fortress on the top from the rest of the structure! And crossing that bridge is not for the faint hearted, or those suffering from vertigo like me! At that height, with the winds howling, you feel like you’ll be blown away like a stray kite with every step that you take! In short, Gingee is a jewel.”

Gingee: The Hidden Treasure of Tamil Nadu by Masala Foie Gras

4. Chandipur in Orissa


“The calm beach at Chandipur is surely one among many of the finest beaches of the country. Chandipur, also known as the town of the silvery moon is an important tourist destination in the Balasore district of Odisha. Known for its wonderful beaches, pristine charm and scenic beauty, Chandipur is a tourist’s delight offering natural and spiritual beauty in all its glory.”

Best of Orissa: A Ten Day Itinerary by Vartika Sharma

5. Cabo-de-Rama in Goa


“Cabo-de-Rama: 13:00 to 16:00: Heading further north to Cola, this was the best part of the entire day; a perfect Goan country side with a couple of chilled beers. The ride to this place is just splendid as it runs through forest and gives you some breathtaking views of the sea. There is a fort, you can climb up the wall to have a gaze at the sea, capture the panoramic view amidst tranquillity.

Some of the spectacular views you can get from the cliff and walk down to the beach which was full of local people, as few tourists land up at this remote part of southern Goa. No eateries at the beach, but a few bars on the way to gulp down beer and grab a quick fix, may be Goan fish curry and rice.”

Unseen Goa: South Goa in 12 hours by Munish

6. INS Kursura Sub-Marine Museum in Andhra Pradesh


“INS Kursura is the only such museum to be found in all of India. Considered a storehouse of naval relics and information, the Submarine Museum is filled with articles, instruments and other objects acquainted wih the aval needs and ways. Six retired naval personnel serve as guides to the museum, with another retired naval officer as its curator.”

Read Vishakhapatnam on the Rocks By Arjyak 

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We hope this will add value to your future trips. There is plenty more coming up in this exclusive Tripoto four-part series. If you have had any such out-of-the-box experiences (good, bad or ugly) then share them with us  at Tripoto and we will feature them on our blog. Go out, live your dream!!


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