“Pretty Women can rough it out on the road”: Insights from a Solo Woman traveler

Close your eyes. Yes. Now imagine a long term traveler. Yes. The kind that believes in spending years on the road. The kind with no plans of settling down.  A nomad. A vagabond. What do you see? A twenty-something in excessively baggy, worn-out shorts and facial hair that would give our beloved Hagrid a run for his money. Well, that’s what most of us will see. The stereotypical, unkempt, lost soul.

Enter Alexandra Kovacova a.k.a Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler. Also known as Saška and Alex, this Slovak has been on a single-handed mission of devouring the world in one huge bite. You’ll find her Skydiving in Gran Canaria before she scoots off to snorkel with Sea Lions in Isla Espiritu Santo, her appetite and camera in tow. And she breaks every single, solo-female traveler stereotype along the way. Tripoto sits down with this inspirational traveler for a nice chat. Read on!

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1. Hi! Thanks for your time. Please introduce yourself to the Tripoto community.

Hey, I am Alexandra Kovacova, but I get by Alex or Saška. I was born in a small town in Eastern Slovakia and lived in 6 different countries so far. Back in 2010 I realized that traveling is what I enjoy the most, so bought a domain and started blogging under the name Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler. I have another 2 travel blogs now too: ‘We Travel around the World‘ and ‘Fit when Traveling‘ where I focus on a slightly different aspect of traveling.

2. You have mentioned the importance of traveling as a kid, “It all started somewhere there.” How important do you think is traveling when you are young in shaping you up as a traveler for life?

In my opinion, it is very important. I mean, I know a lot of travelers who would never travel much in their childhood and then got into a normal job and only with their first big trip they realized there’s so much more out there than sitting in an office. But for me, traveling when you are super young opens your eyes and makes you appreciate the non – material world more.

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3. How different is traveling as a job (you worked as a stewardess) than traveling full time? What are the things that change?

Everything is different. I don’t have a boss, nor schedule now :D I mean, traveling full-time and blogging about it is my job now so what I don’t do myself, is not done in a way it makes it more difficult, especially when moving places fast and spending most of my time on the road. Which means that the more I travel, the more time I need to spend in every place.

4. “I spent 25 years looking for the reason of my life, and in 2009 I finally found it. Travel.” Tell us more about this phase of your life. When you actually acted out on your will to see the world.

Well, at that time I was working as a flight attendant, but only on flights around Europe. And all of a sudden, I was unhappy. And trust me, I hate to be unhappy :) So it was then when the cliche idea of ”you have just one life” crossed my mind again, I finished my MA studies, gave a month’s notice at work and bought a ticket to Mexico, my favorite country. Most of the important decisions I’ve taken in life where on a whim like this, so spontaneous just listening to my intuition and those are the ones coming from my heart, so I know they are right. Sounds simple, right?

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5. Your blog’s tagline is ‘Crazy Travels, Fun Adventures, and Sexy Photos’. How did this idea come about in your head? Was it a conscious effort to differentiate your blog from other travel blogs doing the rounds?

No, I had no idea what I was doing when I started blogging. I bought a domain at 4 am one night when I was fed up with my insomnia and watching movies over and over again. Only that night I googled ”travel blog” and found a blog online. I just spent like an hour reading that blog and then I went and bought my own domain too. The name of the blog is how some people would call me at that time each time they saw me traveling somewhere every week. I had no idea about marketing or trying to differentiate my blog from other blogs as literally, when I started with my blog, I only knew about one more blog out there.

6. “I feel like a different person when I’m traveling.” What changes do you see in yourself now that you are living a life of travel?

I know I do not need make-up or tons of clothes, handbags nor shoes like all the other women :D Material things are just so NOT important to live a full life. I also pay more attention to details, stop and breathe more, look around, observe the animals and never judge based on the first appearance. It’s usually wrong.


7. Tell us about your passion for photography. When did you pick it up for the first time, and how has the journey been so far in terms of documenting your travels? Any special photo you would like to share with the Tripoto community?

I do like taking photos, mostly of nature and wildlife, that’s my thing. I scratch myself when running after a hummingbird, jump barefoot into bushes to take a photo of a butterfly or spend an entire hour taking 100 photos of a sunset to get one that would be nice. I don’t even remember when it all started as I’ve been taking photos for ever. But I would not call myself a photographer though.

8. What’s next on your travel list? Where will this year take you?

Since the end of January I have been in Panama and Costa Rica and in the middle of June I am going back to Slovakia and will spend a few weeks in Central Europe. Then a short trip to Georgia and Armenia in August, and back to Slovakia. Then, in October/November I am thinking of doing a yoga teacher training to get certified to teach yoga but not sure where to do it yet. Will see.

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9. You curate two other blogs catering to reviews and fitness while traveling. Has blogging changed from a hobby to something much serious and professional?

Blogging has never been just a hobby for me. I started blogging to make living out of it as I cannot live without traveling and I just cannot stand having a boss other than me :D

10. On a lighter note, share the travails of a beautiful, solo female traveler taking on the world? How easy or difficult has the journey been so far?

Aw, thanks for the compliment :) I hardly ever notice that I mostly travel on my own. I do not find it difficult usually, but obviously there are certain places or neighborhoods that should be avoided. Otherwise, just make a killing face haha. Anyway, what I do find difficult sometimes is the feeling of loneliness as everyone have those days, right?

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11. What would you like to say to people who dream of traveling the world, but aren’t?

Well, you have to choose your priorities. If traveling is really something you want to do, then you just have to go for it. There’s never going to be a better time than right now.

12. Being a single, sexy, solo female traveler, how easy or difficult is it to handle male attention on the road?

Haha, I did not expect a question like this :) Well, there are days when I just have enough. Guys can be too annoying and for some reason they don’t want to use their brain and think that I get those messages all the time. Not fun! You have no idea how many weirdos I have to block on Facebook every day.

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13. Some people say that pretty women can’t rough it out on the road. Any messages for them?

What do you mean? I walk barefoot a lot and there’s broken glass on the road too. Or you should just see me jumping out of a plane. I hate the preconception that who is beautiful cannot be intelligent or rough at the same time. The things do not exclude each other at all.

14. How have you managed to fund your travels? Please share some tips with the Tripoto community.

Well, tips, tips everyone is asking for them. But unfortunately, everyone is different and different things work for different individuals. Travel blogging has been my job for 3 years and a half already and it is Not easy. And if you want to learn more about how to save money, subscribe to my newsletter for free tips :)



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