The Faces of India

If travel is discovery, then India is an epiphany. Discover the faces of India.

Where the sun shines on a billion faces, colouring them in a million shades. Both worshipped and shunned in characteristic contradiction. Where humanity overlaps with survival; where layers of existence seem laid out in mosaics of geography, tauntingly within the reach of comprehension. Where words fail, bubbles burst and hearts melt. India is where travel is at its purest. Unpredictable, welcoming and often inconvenient, like love.

Beauty is in the eyes of the explorer, and India is a lesson in the splendour of chaos, of diversity, of heritage. In celebration of the 68th year of Indian Independence, Tripoto brings you 18 stunning portraits of the enigma that is India.

1. The transcendental plains of Bodh Gaya
2. The ancient tribes of Odisha
3. The tea plantations of Assam
4. The children of the mountains in Ladakh

via Sandeepa Chetan

5. The shades of Holi in Tamilnadu
 6. The mystifying forests of Madhya Pradesh
7. The shimmering beaches of Goa
8. The artistic heritage of Karnataka
9. The coy diversity of Gujarat
10. The spiritual intensity of Varanasi
11. The welcoming countenance of Kashmir

via Sandeepa Chetan

12. The native Jarawa islands of Andamans
13. The vivacious colours of Rajasthan
14. The pulsating streets of Delhi
15. The spellbinding hues of Kerala
16. The legacies and the benevolence of Kolkata
17. These are the faces of  rigour and vitality
18. Of compassion and integrity
Of resilience and diversity
And of solemn solidarity. 
Plural expressions of a singular identity. These are the many faces of India!

If faces of India are any testament, India is a beautiful explosion of contemplated colours. A proud fusion of ethnicities and generations, united in a cultural masterpiece. As a community of travellers, we at Tripoto are in awe of India. A very happy Independence to all the people of this incredible nation!


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  1. These images are stunningly gorgeous! Very well written post! Hats off to whoever has written the introductory paragraph and clicked these pictures!

  2. Truly expressed , as Soul of INDIA flying to every parts in Paragraph . Photographs are speak out every expressions of it.

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