The Live Travel Manifesto

The way we travel has changed. But more than anything else, travel changes the way we are. The thing with travel is, is that it seeps into our life. The way we live is the way we travel, and the way we travel is the way we live. We can learn to live while travelling, keeping in mind just a few things.

1. People are Good.

People live & laugh. They are kind and considerate. All you have to do is give them a chance.

2. Travel is about perspective.

You won’t see anything if you walk around with your eyes and your mind closed.

3. Travel for perspective.

You can never have seen it all, there will always be new things to see, but more importantly there will be new ways of seeing the same things.

4. Travel is not regular or uniform; robots are.

A routine is a rut, you can get stuck in one and never know it, especially while doing the things you think aren’t routine at all.

5. Travel is a plunge, a jump, a leap.

The more you think about it the more undoable it becomes, sometimes you need to stop thinking and act.

6. Dare to explore the improbable.

There are those things that some would say nobody can do – that’s the impossible, then there are those things that people say nobody does. That’s the improbable.

7. Make extra-ordinary memories, not ordinary ones.

Some memories you remember with happiness, but there are those that can fill you with a wistful longing, an ache that beckons you back propelling you forward towards your next journey.

8. Extra-ordinary memories don’t need extra-ordinary things.

Ordinary things can come together in such a way, to fit together such that even imperfections become perfections.

9. You will need people.

You may be a loner by volition or fiercely independent, but never dismiss the value that people add to your life.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Asking for help isn’t a transaction, stop calculating whether you need it, or will the other person give it, just go ahead, it’s only a conversation!

11. Don’t let fear and paranoia keep you from happiness.

When it’s all done and dusted, you’ll realize how silly you were being.

12. Share and everybody will be richer.

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