Top 10 Places To Have Fun With Your Kids

“Are we there yet?” can be an exhausting question to answer. Especially if it is being asked every five minutes by your 7-year old. Travelling with kids is a daunting task.  Yet, travel is a value that should be inculcated at a young age, just like table manners or politeness.  Children can be quite interesting travel partners.  They can completely change your perspective of travel and introduce you to places to take kids and activities that you wouldn’t otherwise do.

Which is why, Tripoto gives you this list of places that will make your vacation with your kids unexpectedly, enjoyable.

1) Disneyland, Hong Kong

disneyland-hong kong

You need no explanation as to why this is first on the list. Your kids have probably nagged you for long enough to take them to Disneyland, for you to avoid it. But, if you think your children are the only ones to enjoy this theme park, you have a second think coming.  The best thing about Disneyland is the element of surprise.  Anything can happen here! You can fly a UFO, run into Cinderella, watch the cleaning staff use their waste bins for a jamming session, watch fireworks erupt over dinner, take a jungle cruise to Tarzan’s tree house. Share fun and laughter with your kids and let your imagination run wild!


2)  Atlantis Paradise Resort, Bahamas


Speaking of letting imagination run wild, how about discovering the lost world of Atlantis? Most parent-kid travel problems arise out of the serenity-adventure dilemma. While the parents want to lie down on the beach and do absolutely nothing, the kids are looking for some extreme adventures. In that aspect Atlantis has you covered.  Its beautiful seaside villas, a relaxing spa and entertaining casinos will ensure your perfect holiday is served while your kids are indulging in their huge waterpark, with wild slides, a dolphin cay and children camps that offer a number of activities. Everyone gets a fun break this way. Win-win.


3) Hershey’s Chocolate World, Hershey, USA

hersheys chocolate world- USA

It is a truth universally acknowledged that there is no age for chocolate. It is an indulgence for the old and the young, which is why every family needs to make at least one trip to a chocolate factory. Hershey’s has opened up its factory gates to help you discover how your beloved chocolate is made.  Apart from the tour, you also get to make a unique candy bar of your own, get some chocolate-tasting experience and watch a 4D movie telling your amazing stories on Hershey’s chocolates. Of course, a trip to the shop is unavoidable. Watch out for Willy Wonka and the Oompa-loompas.


4)  Singapore Zoo, Singapore

singapore zoo

Zoos are quite a clichéd place for a day out with the kids. But, clichés exist for a reason and the Singapore zoo is not your regular zoo.  For one, it houses animals in their natural surroundings giving you an actual rainforest experience.  Two, they probably have the most interactive events like “Breakfast with Orangutans” or  the “Night safari” so you can peek into  the life of the nocturnal species. They also have a one-of-a-kind river safari. So, while your kids learn about the animal kingdom, may be you could grasp a thing or two, too.


 5) Legoland, Malaysia


If you think your children aren’t thrilled enough for the holiday, try uttering the words “Theme Park.” Legoland is a huge block of fun. Centered around the theme of LEGO blocks, this amazing adventure park will turn you into fun parents every kid wishes for.  There is also a new LEGO waterpark to add to the fun along with ‘Imagination’ with tons of blocks to build your own LEGO land. Just in case a day isn’t enough, there is a huge LEGO hotel in the park to rest for another fun-filled LEGO day! One of the perfect places to take kids.


6) Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta

georgia Aquarium

Now, you must have been to an aquarium. But, have you had a sleepover at an aquarium? Or gone behind the scenes to feel and touch your favourite sea creatures? Georgia Aquarium is one of the biggest in the world and has a 100,000 animals and more than 500 species. You can walk around with the sharks and go diving in their tropical paradise with the whales. Don’t forget to look for Nemo.


7) Bolshoi Circus, Moscow

bolshoi circus- Moscow

Circuses’ are pretty tricky, either your child will absolutely love it or absolutely hate it. So, if you want to initiate your child into the world of dancing clowns and balancing acts, start with the best. Bolshoi or the Great Moscow State Circus, as it is called upholds your expectations of watching a true Russian Circus. The circus revolves around a story in which crazy things happen. Monkeys walk on tight ropes, bears ride bicycles and finally a couple lions come together to form a ‘Lion Pyramid.’ Quite a lot of fun and unlike most circuses’ it performs all year round in the same venue. Tickets are hard to come by so it is definitely pretty popular.


8) Toy Train, Darjeeling, India

toy train- darjeeling

If your children enjoy playing with their miniature toy train set, imagine how much they would like to ride on an actual toy train. Built in the British Era, the train, with its steam engine and its coaches, is pretty vintage.  It takes you through the mountainous and cultural landscape of Darjeeling giving you a joyous peek into the beauty of North-east India. The train is now only used for joy rides, reminding you of Thomas, the steam engine.


9) International Spy Museum, Washington DC

international spy museum- Washington Dc

Let’s admit it.  At some point or the other we all have had a spy fantasy. Well, dreams come true in the International Spy Museum, which lets you become a spy with ‘Operation Spy’ and also lets you go on a mission around the museum in their ‘Spy in the City event.’  Fun turns learning with exhibits from the history of espionage. Who said museum visits were boring.


10)  Dubai Dolphinarium, Dubai

dubai dolphinarium

Now, who doesn’t love dolphins? Swim with these adorable sea creatures in this huge indoor habitat and watch them in their live shows. The Dolphinarium will become your child’s favourite place to visit in the summer with camps and special summer events organised by them. There is also an exciting mirror maze to walk around in. Kids are going to love this place.



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