Top 9 Destinations for an Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are nothing if not ostentatiously royal and majestic. It takes myriad of colours, scrumptious frosting, tediously heavy bling and the rituals of perpetual happiness to build a bond so strong that has been wired within our DNA in order to conquer those hopelessly romantic stories by Nicholas Sparks. This season twist the already played clichés, bend and blend with the traditions and organize a kickass wedding to remember.

Tripoto tailors for you Top 9 destinations for Indian Wedding.
The Leela Kovalam, Kerala

A gruelling task it is to arrange an idyllic wedding destinations. It should be the perfect counterbalance of comfort of the guests and a memorable experience for the joyous couple. A scenic drive to the Leela Kovalam beholds a rejuvenating view and is quintessentially otherworldly, brimming with affluence. Celebrate a plush wedding getaway for the sake of travelling, and of course, love. It one of the best wedding destinations in India

Suryagarh Palace, Jaisalmer 

Take an oath to go ultra-modern whilst playing the ‘’traditional’’ cards right. Overlooked by the glorious beauty of Udaipur Villas and Palace. This palace personifies perfection for a dreamy Maharani-style nuptial.

Waldorf Astoria, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Hey, If you’re going to spend moolah at least make it worth your while and Dubai is just the place to do so. Nestled in the tranquil oasis of Dubai, it is all about the wealth. Waldorf Astoria is an exceptionally classy hotel that will speak the language you want to hear that is of explicit opulence.

Park Farm House, Cannington, United Kingdom

It is a truth universally acknowledged that to spend life together with a Mr. Darcy, he must fulfill all the fantasies infused in our brains by the truth ringing words of Jane Austen.  This 16th century house symbolizes quintessential English countryside immersed in serenity and exquisite femininity.park farm house (via)

Chateau de la Chèvre d’Or, Eze village

Feel like home at one of the most romantic villages in the world. Its rustic decor coupled with a grand Mediterranean seascape will make you want to walk down the cobbled pathways that will escort you to a beautiful journey and infinite memories.Chateau de la Chevre d'Or (via)

Mudbrick Vineyard, Waiheke Island

A place that screams adventure and specializes in fine wine caters one of the best destinations for an Indo-Bohemian style beach wedding. It is a place where luxury marries nature.  To top it all how about a ferry ride to this island of bliss and solitude as you sip on irresistible wine with your awesome-half.mudbrick (via)

The great outdoors, London

Yes, Get hitched in a Marquee! Luxury tents for you to celebrate those vows as you customize a sassy wedding.


Four seasons, Jimbaran Bay, Bali

Overlooking the sea, this place is an epitome of quietude marinated in the hues of elegance. Sway to the Joie de vivre of playful waves as you let go off the sky lanterns for everlasting prosperity and good luck.6915645419_fb89d58bb5_b (via)

La Digue, Seychelles

How about having a slice of an island all to yourself for the most awaited day of your life? Can it be one of the top wedding destinations  in India. Share the promenade with Mr. Right as you cherish the golden grains of its bewitching beaches and let nature shower her blessings upon you when you embark on this joyous journey.


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