13 Travel Myths That Seriously Need To Be Busted

by Gunjan Upreti

The kind of balderdash that gets perpetuated in the travel world, and because of which many of us have missed out on a travel adventure, is unreal.  It seems some of these myths have persisted since travel was invented, or so to speak.

But we at Tripoto decided to dispel the most common travel myths, which are nothing but obscured by hyperbole. Read on to find out.

1. Taking a sabbatical to travel will have repercussions on your career.


A gap year with experience of traveling the world, learning a new language, interacting with different nationals is not something which will even remotely destroy your future career prospects. Every organization wants an employee who understands the entire world, not just their little native corner of it.  And as the famous quote emphasizes, “one day your entire life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.”

2. Women must not travel alone.


Banging this drum hardest for all fellow ladies out there. We assure you that there are plenty of reasons to travel alone, apart from Eat, Pray, Love adventure. You should travel alone so that you can, for a short time, live without compromises. Travel alone to acquire that reckless sense of adventure and to discover that you are a total badass. Most importantly travel alone because the “but you’re a woman” logic should never stop you.

3. Travelers are pot smoking, beer swilling people, always asking for money.


Such people can be a part of any group, why generalize travelers like that? And, just because some are, doesn’t mean all are.

4. Solo travelers are single.

You wish! But unfortunately not everyone who travels alone is single or available. Many people enjoy the clarity that traveling solo gives them. They travel alone and come back to their relationships feeling refreshed.

5. If you don’t know the local language, you cannot communicate.



Speaking the local language definitely has an advantage but it’s not imperative to be able to communicate. Through a mix of sign language, facial expressions, and various nonverbal cues communication can be a lot more fun.

6. Travelers are not smart enough to do anything else. That is why they travel.

One person is frolicking around Phuket or Goa or Barra de Navidad while the another is sitting in front of the computer browsing through the pictures of the former. Who do you think is smarter out of the two?

7. Hostels are undercover hook-up centers.

No! Just because your friend got lucky doesn’t mean getting you laid is the responsibility of the hostel.

8. All locals are out to hurt you and rip you off.

Unless you dress up like Bappi Lahiri flashing all that you got, then of course you’ll be targeted by criminal entrepreneurs. If not, you have nothing to worry about.

Bappi Lahiri (via)

Bappi Lahiri (via)

9. If you stay in a travelers hostel, you must be poor.

Definitely Not. It just shows that you’re comfortable with the idea of meeting new people on your vacation, experiencing culture that manages to simultaneously be a liberal utopia of open-mindedness, acceptance, and diversity.

10. English is understood everywhere.

The reason for english’s universality is very well known and understandable but to live under the delusion that the language will solve your purpose everywhere is a gross mistake!

11. Long term traveling is not meant for people in their 30′s.

Traveling is not a Government Job where an age limit has been set. AND! let us remind mind you that 30 is the new 20 now.

12. Travelers dress-up shabbily on purpose.



No one, absolutely no one dresses up badly to look cool. Especially not travelers. You will find brand loving travelers as well as non-brand loving Uber sexy travelers on the road.

13. Hostel owners drill holes through the walls to spy on their guests.

Like all the ‘A’ rated hotels aren’t capable of doing something like this? That level of espionage idiocy comes from a certain type of person involved, not the type of accommodation.

Myths or no myths, we love travelers and the spirit of traveling. It’s fun, social, and you get to meet amazing people.

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