Why Every Traveler Should Start a Travel Blog

Wise words have the power to transform the world and make it a better place. A perspective when shared grows into an idea worth noting down. You know what the most useful feature of social media is; it has helped people mould and enhance the meaning of the word share.  All the great writers and revolutionaries have one attribute in common; they traveled and took the road to divergent innovations.

An adventure or a journey, call it what you may, it has presented the world with some brutal realities and brilliant insights. Travel is an insignia of ubiquitous travel ideas and discovery of the lands unknown.

At Tripoto, we believe that the meaning of a travel blog is five-fold and here is why you should start your own travel blog.

1. A travel blog will introduce you to the concept of originality.

Travel as an escape is a creation of the new world where reality marries a new perspective. Travel writing ameliorates your power of re-defining. From culture and people to food and traditions, you will learn and re-learn. Everyone has a travel story to share. Start a travel blog and inspire the world.

2. When you start a travel blog, it will convert you in an educator, you thought you could never be.

Travelling is worth interspersing every college degree. It is for the thirst of knowledge that one travels. Don’t you think it then becomes a responsibility to share that knowledge with others? A soulful advice about anything is worth everything.

3. Start a travel blog to encapsulate your memories in words, make them timeless, limitless and trigger a contagious curiosity via your travel blogs.

If this doesn’t yield you a sense of contentment, then nothing ever will. You should travel for the sake of travelling. Any exploration is an intoxicating ecstasy.

4. Your travel blogs are chronicles of the adventures taken by you.

A travel blog is personal content void of all criticism. It is your travel journal and it is your travel story, all rights reserved. Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise. Paint travel destinations using your words and photos in a blog, share it and let it be a guiding stand for others.

5. Relish the Chutzpah and start a travel blog like a boss.

When you run out of passport pages to get stamps on and when maps start looking too small, that defines an orgasmic feeling for a wanderer. Collect souvenirs from exotic lands and share unanimous feeling of being an online hit after multiple uploads that is just another way of displaying subtle narcissism followed by fuming jealousy.

Wherever you go, your travel blog becomes a part of you.

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