Windowless Planes Are The Future of Flying!

Awesomer than fiction! Presenting Windowless Aircrafts. Center for Process Innovation (UK) has unraveled their vision for the ultimate flying experience that current technology can imagine. These high-tech aircraft could be taking off as early as 10 years from now. Here’s a preview of the future of air travel.

Center for Process Innovation, Windowless Fuselage (via)

The idea is to reduce the weight of the fuselage, resulting in fuel-reduction, emissions-reduction, cost-reduction and making room for onboard O-LED display systems that would have the ability to project the 360-degree panorama of the view around the aircraft.  Genius!

Just Imagine the view at 10000 m, at 900 kmph!

In the future, everyone gets to have the window seat! Sign me up for an overnight flight. Presumably, it would look something like this

Or like this..

An artist's impression of what Airbus' 'intelligent' concept cabin might look like

An Artist’s Rendering (via)

Are you excited? Scared? We at Tripoto think it’s going to be the best thing to happen to flying since, like ever.


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