Chasing the First Sunrise of India in Arunachal Pradesh


I visited Arunachal Pradesh to work as production assistant for Tripoto's web series, 'MG India at Extremes' last month and the state was absolutely beautiful. So beautiful that it didn't feel like I was in India.

The plan was to chase the first sunrise of India at Dong Valley. We started our road trip from Parshuram Kund which is one of the windiest places in India.

This video is the first part of the trip which covers our journey from Parshuram Kund to Hayuliang village.

This is the second part of our road trip in Arunachal, wherein we go from Hayuliang to Dong via Walong. From Walong, we went for a trek in the night to Dong, to witness the first sunrise of India. Dong is definitely one of the most colourful places I've ever been to in my life.