Less Visited Beach - Camaras Diach

Photo of Less Visited Beach - Camaras Diach 1/3 by Aanchal Karnwal
Photo of Less Visited Beach - Camaras Diach 2/3 by Aanchal Karnwal
Photo of Less Visited Beach - Camaras Diach 3/3 by Aanchal Karnwal

Last Sunday I was at one of the most beautiful Islands of the world i.e. Isle of Skye – The Mystical Island. And believe me it lives upto its name. It is in true sense a mesmerizing and hypnotic landscape of nature, it takes your breath away. And to add to the topping it was a bright sunny day.

Isle of Skye (an t-Eilean Sgiathanach in Gaelic) takes its name from the old Norse sky-a, meaning ‘cloud island’, a Viking reference to the often mist-enshrouded Cuillin Hills.

You can reach Isle of Skye via road or water. We (Me & Ash) wanted to enjoy the scenery of both ways so decided to arrive from Mallaig to Armadale via ferry and return via Skye Bridge.

Armadale on Skye’s southern Sleat Peninsula is a small township and often people forget to explore this side of the town. We planned to visit Point of Sleat and Camas Daraich Beach(Sandy Bay). This is the most southerly point of Skye and requires a 3km hike to reach those points. Most of the walk include up and down on the hills, a boggy path and lot of midges bites, if not prepared for it.

On the same way, there is a not very much seen beach named Camas Daraich, not many people know about it and it is not at all touristy. It’s a calm, clean, sandy beach – perfect for a swim on a sunny day. On a lucky day, Point of Sleat is also a perfect place to spot any dolphins, whale or seals.