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My Danish living started in a month of May and lasted for little less than half of the year. So ideally I can say, I spent a Danish summer. Before this I hardly spent so many days in any European country. Initial days were not so easy to settle down, but there were few things which helped me to make life easier. I am going to tell you what I did right and what I didn't do right also what should have been done.When: As I told, I landed in Denmark in 3rd week of May... just the beginning of summer, I felt cold. Coming from Indian summer was a sea change in weather for me. Cool European breeze along with sudden shower surprised me quite a lot. Weather was became milder to hot as it progress towards June-July. Still it was never as scorching summer. It was around 25C most of the day time. Again keep umbrella( a sturdy one ) or a waterproof suit with you. Rain could be on card any time. I had a very bitter experience of thunderstorm at night when I was heading towards my hotel. I survived courtesy to my sturdy single fold umbrella, which I bought from an old goods store in 20DKK.Take it from me, I actually destroyed couple of 2 fold or 3 fold fancy umbrella trying to use them during strong wind. Winds are so strong.Lufthavnsboulevarden 6, 2770 Where: My entire stay was in Copenhagen; Copenhagen airport in Kastrup usually called as Kastrup airport or in short CPH is located in Kastrup, Denmark. My apart hotel was located around 30 mins drive from Airport and two stop from Central station Kobenhavn H. My place was near Indiakaj and just off the bus stop( 26 route) Dampfærgevej.

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Best time to visit Copenhagen is from April to November

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