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Christ Church

Found at the Ridge, this church was built sometime between 1846 and 1857and is the oldest church in all of North India. The church was designed by Colonel J.T Boileau and had a clock tower recently added in 1860. A new porch followed in 1873. This church stands to remind one of the developments brought about during the British Raj and is symbolic of the marvelous architectural feats of the era. The place is done up in a neo-Gothic style and one is sure to pay a visit here to spend some moments in prayer.
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Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges

Known as the Church of Our Lady of Angels, here we see some brilliant masonry and architectural styles. When the church was built, to give it the colour of absolute white marble, fine limestone was mixed with lot of egg whites to make the walls very white. The upper part of the church was made in the Ionic style and the lower part was made in the Doric Style which are both classical styles of architecture. The design of the church was inspired from another chapel of France. The painting that you see on the wall of this church was gifted by Napolean Bonaparte. In front of this church is the statue of Mother Mary with Baby Jesus in her Arms. The church is in a place from where you can see the beach as well as the bay of Bengal. There are also statues of the Joan of Arc and other saints and personalities.
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Christ Church Kasauli

After spending some time at Manki Point and sunrise point en route , we visited Christ Church. It is a beautiful brick church that will take you back to a bygone era.
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Mount Mary Church

The Mount Mary Basilica is one of the most beautiful churches and is spread in a vast area. Visited during the Christmas Week it was one of the most peaceful sites. No religion is required to feel the positive vibes coming from a holy place. It should be a must visit for it has an aura which cannot be expressed in words.
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St. Aloysius Chapel

St. Aloysius Chapel: The paintings on the walls and ceilings are absolutely breathtaking and leave you awestruck. It is very peaceful inside and good to spend time meditating.Historic Place:
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Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

A real Beauty. There is a Gandhi Statue and an old lighthouse facing it.
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St. Mary's Church

A historical church built in the 19th century by a royal engineer named Col. A.H.B. Hume, this is just near the Tip N Top Pint. This is like a heritage monument of the hill station but all church services were stopped after 1947 given the deteriorating conditions of the building. The charge of administration was taken by the Garhwal Regiment and it was then converted into a museum like we find it now. The museum houses nothing but a pretty good collection of old pictures and details about pre- independence era of this place. You can also enjoy audio- visual representation of the British Era when you come here.
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St. John's Church

Built in 1863, St John’s Church is much like the Roman Catholic Church in England. This monument was constructed during the British rule by Protestant missionaries and is of much religious and historical importance to the hill town of Dalhousie. The architecture is that of a typical British structure as it is made of brick and wood. The church is located in Gandhi Chowk and is a mere 2 kilometres away from the Dalhousie bus stand. Many tourists come to visit this holy shrine all round the year. Next to the church is a library that houses a great number of books and records for visitors to read and go through.
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St. Michael's Church

St. Michael's Church is well known as Mahim Church, one of the oldest Catholic churches in Mumbai. The church is situated in Mahim, located at the intersection of L.J. Road and Mahim Causeway.
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Afghan Church

There are many beautiful places in Mumbai, and the Afghan church is one of them. This was built as a memorial to those of the British and Company Armies who died in the war in Afghanistan. The serene ambience makes you fall in love with this place.
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Church of St. Francis of Assissi

Built in 1661 by the Portuguese, it is a church located in Velha Goa, a picturesque church, a must visit.
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San Thome Church

The history of this church is fascinating. It was built in the 16th century by Portuguese explorers over the tomb of St. Thomas, an apostle of Jesus. But in 1893, it was rebuilt by the British with the status of a cathedral. The neo-gothic style of architecture is something not witnessed easily these days, which makes this one a luxury to the catholics in Chennai and all over.
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