Any offbeat places in Gujarat?

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Gujarath is called as jewel of India which has many unexplored spots to visit. Gopnath beach is 70km away from Bhavnagar Navlaka temple is located in Ghumli Girmal falls are in Nishana village Patan is an ancient town to explore history Lothal has Indus valley civilisation ruins to see Modhera is a religious spot
So, take a look at these hidden gems and try to visit all of them while you are exploring this magnificent State. Lothal. One of the rare things to see in Gujarat is Lothal – an important part of the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation. ... Anand. ... Mandvi Beach. ... Modhera. ... Bhavnagar. ... Wank
Near which part of Gujarat
Anywhere in Gujarat
Must go modhera sun temple
Dholavira, Modhera
Dholavira Koteshwar Lakhpat Narayan Sarovar all places are remote in Kutch region of gujarat
Dholavira in kutch Koteshwar Narayan Sarovar