These are some places that you may consider: 1. Jibhi 2. Tirthan 3. Parashar 4. Kutla, Tosh 5. Rasol 6. Grahan 7. Barot 8. Bir 9. Pulga
Kheerganga Bhrigu lake base camp Kasol Tosh Tirthan Valley Triund
If you are in mood to trek for hours and reach one of the most beautiful places then I would highly recommend a trek starting from Kasol to Grahan Village. A village with no electricity and mobile signals is situated in the middle of mountains with no more than a few hundred villagers. The place is beautiful and peaceful and the locals welcome you with open arms allowing you try the local cultured food and juices. P.S. DO NOT CARRY ALCOHOL IF YOU VISIT THERE, THE VILLAGE IS AGAINST ALCOHOL AND MIGHT FINE YOU ₹5000 JUST FOR CARRYING IT. ALSO DO NOT TOUCH THEIR TEMPLES AS NO ONE EXCEPT FOR VILLAGERS IS ALLOWED TO TOUCHED IT!! Happy Traveling!!
Chitkul brother if u like to feel free and if u like crowd go kasol kheerganga etc.
Spiti valley or enroute spiti
Kheerganga Tosh Beas Kund Prashar Lake
Tosh or Grahan. Both are extremely beautiful and less crowded compared to other places.
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Yes both the places are nestled up with tall pine trees.
Thanks. is there any pine forest nearby?
Kasol man !! it will be more better if you climb Kheerganga
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Thanks bro