Well there are no certain things to do to get paid to travel. It is not like you'll do nothing but travel and someone will pay you. If you're not interested in vlogging or content wise travelling, You can try 1. Teach English; as an english teacher you can travel to Asia, Africa and South Americas and get paid. 2. You can try Airlines, to be an air-attendant, they mostly travel to many destinations and in short vacations, you can enjoy different countries. 3. If you have enough followers in Instagram, you can be an 'Influencer', though there's a flood, but if you are lucky, you can get a chance to promote some places or brands to earn cash or free press trips. 4. You can become a tour guide, start with your native and known places, then incresing to your country and internationally hopefully. 5. If you love babies and do not fear babysitting, you can try au-pair, its like an international nanny, who lives with a family for a short period to take care of the babies in exchange of travel, living, food and pocket-money. May be this answer help you, Thanks. ????
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Hey, could you educate me more about the teach English part.
Hi, If you wish to work in the travel industry, do drop in a mail at attaching your work samples and specialties. They will definitely contact you if they have any vacancy.
Yes u can paid to travel , but its not easy for that u need to click great pitures ,make good stories ,make a good content so the barnds started liking your work an they willl approach u . u can do it brother but for that u have to do lots of hard work... Go travel alone an make complete your dreams my best wishesh with you...
Yes u can be paid for travel but for that u need make good content ,pitures ,great videos so the brands will come to u paid u to free travel