I will watch today.It will be good.
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Yes bit slow but nice story
Not good movie
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Never been there but love to...
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I have watched the movie. didn't visit Lucknow till now. looking forward to..
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Even i never visited but this is the second time i saw about old haveliโ€™s from lucknow first from trippling travel series and second this. even well know for delicious food.
I have a same kind of spooky old villa in my mom's hometown called sasaram.
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My native is also SASARAM, I know some nearby places like Kaimur and Bhabhua!!
Ohh great as everyone has old villas in hometown/village but most people describe about villa is โ€œthat haunted villaโ€.
Will watch
When I was in my 2nd year of architecture we did an extensive study about the javelins of lucknow. got a chance to visit them too. lt was an awesome experience ๐Ÿ™‚
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Ohh great which one did you found the oldest?