You can always change it
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Even i am not getting that option man. Let me know if sending them an email helps with it!
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Sure, will let u know :)
Update App , Clear Cache and do again . Mail it to Tripoto , these kinds of bugs are well known to them and can get easily treated in their labs by specialized technology doctors .I mailed them and changed my handle name as well !
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Hey! Thanks, will try this :)
Yes, I initially got a numeric name, But you can go to your profile and edit it.
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Oh, I tried. I am able to change my name but the the username.
Update the app !.... if already done .. > open your profile , ... >in edit profile you will find handle* there you can change it
You can change it mine is now @sahilkhurana7
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I can't where to do that on the website. I have mailed them the same, waiting for a reply
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