You can search on or
Hey sanket, I can help you on this if you can tell me the place of your departure here. well I'm mentioning some links for tent renting from Mumbai and Pune:
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Sorry Sanket but this is isn't possible according to me and also
I am departing from pune but if I rent tent from pune it will charge me more I want tent only for 1 day so if u can tell me in gokarna then it's well and good
Hey Sanket, if you want to rent the tent in Gokarna, it depends where you want to pitch. Like, you have good option to stay in tent at Paradise beach. You will get it in 400 rs there iteself. Also, at half moon beach there are huts and tent which u can rent out at the same time. OM and Kudle beach are not recommended for staying at night due to over crowded .
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For camping in paradise and half moon beach can u suggest renting tent options
Hey Sanket, You have got a lot of options to stay in a tent on beaches of Gokarna ... Here are few along with contact numbers .....:- 1. Gokarna Adventure :- Address: Main beach, Gokarna, Karnataka 581319 Phone: 098861 90282 2. For trek and camping :- 3. For trek and camp:- 4. For Beach camping in Tents:- Happy Travelling Bro!!!
You can search in Google with the keyword like Tent Rent. you will get many options available suitable with your requirement.
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