Arunachal Pradesh in Winter (October - February) Arunachal Pradesh experiences winters between the months of October and February each year. The temperature stays pleasant and comfortable (around 15°C) all through the day while the nights get incredibly chilly as the temperature can drop as low as 7°C. It is a favorite destination for sightseeing among-st tourists coming from moderate or high-temperature zones. The mountainous terrain is a delight to explore as the monsoons, having just ended, leave the region under a refreshing thick carpet of greenery. So there’s more to see all through the day.
Hello i m Sawroop, I am from Assam but i have travelled many places of Arunachal Pradesh & Other places of North East. I would like to suggest you to visit between October to January. This is the best time to visit & enjoy the snow covered mountains. From February March onwards heavy rainfall starts here & also you won't find any snow after that.
Hi Vinay, this seem like a good idea unless you are going for trekking. The peaks would be covered in snow and you will get beautiful views of 360 degree snow clad peaks. However the temperature is going to be really low, almost touching 0. If you don't have any problems with thats, you should go ahead with this trip.
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I can tolerate 0 degrees, no issues. Thank you
Arunachal in December will be covered in snow at high passes. Temperature there will be in subzero during night. But it will be a great time to see Arunachal in Winters