Malaysia is definitely a shopping destination. Try going for the Malaysian brands and you could get amazing things at very very cheap prices. And as far as I know the import duty is also less, Luxury brands become relatively affordable too.
Hi Priyal, You can choose from several amazing cafes in Hampi like Laughing Buddha, Tibetan Kitchen, Hampi Roof Restaurant and find more options in the trips attached below. Keep exploring!
Hi I traveled there just two weeks back and would definitely be able to suggest some. If you want to experience the traditional South Indian fare, you must pay a visit to Mango tree or Tamarind tree restaurants in main Hampi. However due to government's ban on commercialization in central Hampi, they have had to shift base to Kamlapur which is a little farther off. Virupapurgaddi (Hippie island on the other side of the river) is therefore a better option with its own share of some really amazing restaurants and tiny, picturesque cafes specializing in multiple Indian and other cuisines including Irani, Israeli, German, Italian etc to name a few. You could visit 'Laughing Buddha', 'Nargila', or 'Goan corner' for their splendid breakfast and dinner options. Do try their 'hello to the queen' dessert. It's a gourmet explosion in the mouth. For more info and a detailed itinerary, you may check out my blog
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