Lansdowne is a perfect destination for weekend road trip & it is also kids friendly destination
Hi Anju If you are planning mommies and kids trip then rent a car with driver else it will be difficult to travel with kids. Carry food, extra clothes and extra cash with you. Be together in a group. Happy & Safe Journey
Hi Anju, I have organised and been on a All girls weekend trip to Pune(Lonavala+Mahabaleshwar). So, can I give some input on your query? This are some points you should check before you embark on your All momies and Kids journey! 1. Check review of your hotel/homestay and after comparing prices pre-book it 2. Since you are travelling with kids, make sure to rent a car with driver. 3. Pack extra clothes for your kids incase you need it. 4. Keep some toys for them when they are indoor and cannot play outside. 5. Keep some cash with you(hidden and not in the purse). A places don't take Paytm or cards some time 6. Keep your phone recharged everyday and carry power banks. 7. Take a roaming free pack if you don't have already. 8. Check your flight/trains ticket if you are travelling far. Take extra printout just in case. 9. Always travel in group so that you can take care of each other. 10. Select some kids special or friendly events/places in your itinerary so that they also enjoy with you like going to Disney park(example). Hill stations can have horse riding (with parent), gardens/parks, musical shows, toy train or rope way. Check everything and then board on! Happy Travelling!
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