Nikon D7000 series
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Camera is not important,photography sense is essential. Some people snap wonder with smartphone
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1.Iphone/oneplus easy to carry 2.gopro7 black makes awesome clicks and easy to carry 3.Canon M50 light weight mirrorless camera best in budget for photography and vlogs.
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Thanks for detail info....
Gopro hero 8 and iPhone is the best combo... In DSLR, go for any Canon or Sony camera, they have good lenses
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I would suggest you to invest on lenses if you wanna buy a DSLR for serious photography, if it's just the pictures you're concerned with any point and shoot would do. I personally have a Nikon D3400 that's a good one but just for photography, if you want video and other cool stuff go for higher ranges like the other person in the comment said the Nikon 7000 series maybe? If you can afford a little more than Canon D series is great like the D80. Mirrorless cameras are a growing trend too.
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I bought my Nikon D3400 for 27,699. You can go for D3500 which is a upgraded version of the same, I suggest you also browse the D5000 range with flip screen and more sensors.
Okay thats awesome info...though i m not pro...would definitely jeep in mind your details....what would be the price of the one you are using...i want to but camera basically for pics....good clear pics
Sony alpha
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Gopro is good if you are comfy
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You can buy D-3400 (Nikon) if you want a low budget DSLR camera. Buy it with dual lens a. 18-55 mm, b. 70-300 mm. they will help you capture nice pictures both at near and far. If you want to buy professional camera, then go for Nikon D 7000 series. It is beginner level camera for professionals. Then you can buy lenses according to your demand.
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Donโ€™t buy lens combo just buy 35mm or 50mm and 70-300
I have the same one D3400